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Careers & Coffee 15: What’s your one thing?

careers and coffee podcast

In this week’s episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss finding your one thing, or your one superpower in the workplace.  I read a great book about this call The One Thing, by Gary Keller, and he even has an entire podcast and website dedicated to this over at Searching for your […]

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Are you letting your career define you?

two people working

If you’re human like most of us reading this blog post, you’ve let your career define you from time to time.  It can be a mental drag if you aren’t happy in your job, the salary that you make, the field that you’re in, or perhaps you dream of a better life for yourself or […]

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Careers & Coffee #14: Keep at it and you will find your fit

careers and coffee podcast

In this week’s episode of Careers & Coffee, Adamu joins Liz and Dan to discuss his recent job search and how he landed at The Gazette.  There are lots of good takeaways from this podcast, make sure to tune in! Need some help with your resume?  Check out IowaWORKS or Kirkwood Community College, which is available […]

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Careers & Coffee Episode 11: Patience and persistence pays off

careers and coffee podcast

In this week’s episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss re-entry into the workforce, re-entry into normal life, and how patience and persistence is your best friend when going after your next opportunity. Yes, we are having an in-person Career Fair September 16th! Click here for more information. A couple weeks ago we […]

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Careers and Coffee #7: Job search tips for recent grads

hat toss

In this episode of Careers and Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss communication with hiring managers, and some things to think about when first applying out of high school or college. LinkedIn Tips for recent grads Finding your first job post-college       Full Transcript: Dan Holterhaus 0:00 All right. Good morning, Liz. We’re back. […]

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Careers and Coffee #6: Dealing with overwhelm in your job search

careers and coffee podcast

In this episode of Careers and Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss strategies for dealing with overwhelm while job searching.  What about transitioning between jobs?  Tune in for helpful hints to overcome these stressors and move forward with your life. Listen Full Transcript Dan Holterhaus 0:02 Okay, good morning, Liz. How are you? Happy Friday. Liz […]

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I lack some of the job skills in a listing, should I apply?

person typing at computer

It’s all too common to see a job posting that you are interested in, but think twice about applying because you feel that you lack the skills the company is looking for.  A company may have a list of requirements, and for very specific jobs, they may require a certain skill set or education.  As […]

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Career Week: Preparing better candidates for better careers

Career Week 2021 Corridor Careers The Gazette

Our upcoming Career Week is all about helping active as well as passive job seekers become more aware of the trends and current opportunities in Eastern Iowa. We’ll have educational content to build confidence, as well as industry profiles to showcase the skills in use for typical jobs found in our market. For job seekers […]

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Find The Work Environment That Fits Your Needs

work environment that fits your needs Corridor Careers

When you are on the job search, it’s difficult to take a step back and think about finding the work environment that is right for you.  What is your work environment? Your work environment is everything that makes up your surroundings for the job that you do.  These include things such as the people you […]

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Why your attitude will determine your job search success

attitude determines your success

I was listening to a podcast recently and had a couple takeaways that will lead to your job search success.  His message was one that didn’t resonate with me at first, but as I kept listening it began growing on me.  The message was about how 2020 has felt, and what 2021 will look like.  […]

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The job you want: How to get there

get job you want corridor careers

Whether you are recent college grad or at any stage in your working career, you’ve undoubtedly been in a job where you weren’t quite where you wanted to be.  How to get the job you want is not always easy to understand. It happens to us without even knowing it, we take a job because […]

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Upgrade your skills for employment during a Pandemic

Upgrade skills for employment Corridor Careers fall grasses in breeze

COVID-19 has caused many people to begin working from home creating an opportunity to upgrade your skills for employment. Whether you work from home, or you go to work at a physical location each day, you may be contemplating changing jobs or careers. With employers realizing employees can work from home and still be productive, […]

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Wondering How to Change Careers?

Looking to change careers? Focus on what you do like.

Struggling in your current job? Looking to change careers? I get it, trust me, I’ve been there.  You take a job because you think it’ll be great, or you convince yourself that you need to make a little more money – that’s usually how it happens.  Then you end up working just for a paycheck […]

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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance During COVID-19

Achieving work life balance during Covid-19

Whether you are working from home or working at your physical working location, we’ve got some strategies to help you get through with a bit of balance. First, you must define what work-life balance means to you. If you asked two others what work-life balance means to them, you would get two completely separate answers.  Perhaps self-care and making plenty of time to cook healthy meals is very important.  Or maybe having a job you enjoy and feel motivated to do can help achieve the balance you are looking for too. 

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Corridor Cost of Living Calculator

cost of living calculator cedar rapids iowa city iowa

Good day Eastern Iowa.  Today we want to bring to light one of our additional tools on that has been available for job seekers for awhile, but you may not know about it.  It’s a simple Cost of Living Calculator. If you are planning to re-locate to Eastern Iowa, or you want to compare […]

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Salary Calculator Tool

Corridor Careers Salary Calculator

Hi friends in Eastern Iowa and visiting from afar.  We are back today with another resource tool that you can use on  It is our……..drumroll please…………… Salary Calculator!  This tool is especially helpful for those who may be switching from part-time hourly work to a full-time salaried position, or vice versa. To find our […]

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Job Search Crisis, or Opportunity?

Get outside and exercise during COVID-19

We are in the middle of Coronavirus COVID-19 creating a crisis for many people in many industries.  Travel, tourism, and restaurants are arguably the hardest hit by the pandemic.  When times are tough, we all grow as a society and as humans.  If you are part of a large community of people who lost their […]

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Job Search 101: How Volunteering Can Help You Land Your Next Job

How volunteering can help you land your next job

Other than the warm feeling of charity, volunteering can yield many benefits that can give you a leg up when trying to land your next job.  According to a LinkedIn survey, one in five hiring managers said they have hired someone because of their charitable work.  Volunteer opportunities can open doors to new connections and […]

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How To Find a Job You Want To Do

how to find a job you actually want to do

From a survey done by Corridor Careers, many job seekers reported having a tough time knowing how to find a job that they actually want to do.  There are multiple reasons that you may be having a tough time finding a job you love, and here are some of the most common: Unsure of what […]

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Cover Letter Elements

cover letter tips and tricks

What makes an effective cover letter? Do I still need one? Many online applications for jobs don’t require a cover letter any longer like they used to.  And I’m sure you are thinking, “Great, one less thing I have to do to apply for this job!”  But are you really doing yourself a favor by […]

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In The Works Podcast: Trends in CR Workforce

In the Works - a Coproduction of Newsradio WMT and Corridor Careers/The Gazette of Cedar Rapids Iowa

In The Works is a radio segment series in partnership with local AM600 WMT Newsradio.  Doug Wagner, our host, & Liz Kennedy, Corridor Careers, talk with area experts on the topic of workforce trends and information for both job seekers and employers. Trends, Skills, and Career-Readiness, Oh My! Liz and Doug chat about trends in […]

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Ask Alexa: Voice Search with Corridor Careers

Alexa Skill For Corridor Careers - Play Corridor Careers!

By now, you may have seen the viral video of an adorable 2-year-old pleading with Alexa to “play baby sherk.” She was persistent in her ask, but Alexa could not understand what she wanted until Mom stepped in and said the magic words for her. A human knew exactly how to handle the voice request, […]

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Let’s Talk about Money

dude looking at wall of money with question marks

In a recent survey with Iowa job seekers, we heard a common theme: “We wish employers would post salary information in job listings.” “It’s frustrating to not be able to see how much a position pays before applying for a job.” Why don’t all employers post their salaries? Sometimes sharing a salary puts employers in […]

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Average Wages: What Could I Be Making? – Iowa Edition

Cash in circle

If you read the headlines, you know wages are flat. While unemployment is low, employers may not be using higher wages as incentives to bring on new employees. And you could look at that number positively if you understand that wages, while not growing dramatically, are not going down. Most people wish they could make […]

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Salary Negotiation Requires Research, Tact and Strategy

tips for salary negotiation

If you’re like most graduates fresh out of college, you have an idea of how much money you need in your first job, but salary negotiation is a foreign concept. Little wonder it’s one of those things most college classes don’t teach. First Things, First – Always Negotiate If there’s one thing career advisors agree […]

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5 Things to Look for in Your First Job

FInding your first job

Whether you’re looking for your very first job or first job out of college, there are a lot of factors to consider before making up your mind. Most job applicants look at pay first. That’s understandable, especially when you’re just getting started. However, the joy of good pay quickly fades if you don’t like the […]

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7 Reasons to Continue Your Education

continuing education class with older and younger adults

So you’re considering continuing your education? Now’s the time to set some goals for the coming year. Whether it’s because you’re ready to move jobs, looking for a higher position or just seeking to challenge yourself, there are many benefits to continuing your education. Below are seven reasons (and one bonus one) you should consider […]

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Why Can’t We Be Friends? : 6 Networking Strategies

career networking for professionals corridor careers cedar rapids

So you want to network.  Or at least you’ve heard that you should.  You’ve planned on wearing your best shoes, brushing your teeth twice and talking about yourself at several strangers for a few hours until someone hands you a job. Easy, right? Not quite. We’ve come up with 6 networking strategies for job seekers. […]

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