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Our upcoming Career Week is all about helping active as well as passive job seekers become more aware of the trends and current opportunities in Eastern Iowa. We’ll have educational content to build confidence, as well as industry profiles to showcase the skills in use for typical jobs found in our market. For job seekers with questions, we’ll have scheduled Live Chat hours to help them find a job that fits their interests. Not registered? Don’t worry – you can register today.
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Career Week Schedule

Monday: Get Motivated.

Live chat schedule: GreatAmerica 8-5 p.m.

Our guest speaker from Urban Dreams will inspire and motivate you to stay focused and reach your own career potential. Get inspired and explore job assessments to get focused on what you want.

Tuesday: Industry Deep Dive.

Live chat schedule: Meth-Wick Community 8-3 p.m., GEICO 8-5 p.m. & GreatAmerica 8-5 p.m.

We’ll break down what industries are present in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City region and what typical skillsets are in demand. Try out an interactive career path tool.

Wednesday: Ask the Expert.

Live chat schedule: REM Iowa, Mediacom, GEICO 8-5 p.m. & GreatAmerica 1-4 p.m.

Your job search questions get answered by our panel of local recruiting experts. Questions like “What are local recruiters looking for?”, “How do I change careers?”, “How do I get experience with no experience?” and more will be reviewed in this on-demand webinar.

Thursday: Network with Job Seekers.

Live chat schedule: GreatAmerica 8-4:30 p.m.

It’s extremely isolating to be a job seeker during a pandemic. Join our virtual mixer to share your experience with other job seekers and get some ideas to stay positive while you look for your next step. Join our Mixtroz Virtual Mix to learn from other job seekers and share your thoughts.

How much time should an Employer expect to spend on Career Week?

  • Set your own terms based on your availability. Based on your package selection you can be a passive (Bronze/Silver) or active employer during the week.
  • Use Live Chat to create your own virtual event with our Platinum package – we’ll take care of the set-up, no Zoom required!
  • All employers are encouraged to share what sets their workplace culture apart on your employer profile page (included in all packages)

How much time should a Job Seeker expect to spend at Career Week?

  • Set your own schedule. Each day is built for you to come as you are, on your own schedule.
  • While programming will be premiered starting at 10 a.m. most days, replays will be available to all 24/7 after they premiere.

It’s not a career fair, it’s a week of career exploration, with the goal of helping active and passive job seekers learn about what makes our employment market a great place to work and grow a career.

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