Spotlight Your Company Culture and Attract Top Talent

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The Gazette’s Company Spotlight is an exciting new way to showcase your company culture to attract top talent. You can unlock the power of storytelling and showcase what makes your company an exceptional place to work.

The Gazette’s Company Spotlight offers a unique platform to highlight your company’s culture, values, and career opportunities to a community of engaged local talent. Call 319-368-8600, or email us to get started.

This spotlight is multiple online events in 2024

Spotlight Event Dates:

  • Spring: April 8-12
  • Summer: June 24-28
  • Fall: September 9-13

In this week-long virtual spotlight, you’ll gain notoriety for your workplace culture:

  1. Company Spotlight: A dedicated article about your company on, detailing your vibrant company culture and what sets you apart, shared directly to our popular Careers Job Tips blog. This will include an overview of your company and a Q&A section providing a dive into your company’s unique employment experience.
  2. Exclusive Landing Page: For one week, feature your company on a special landing page alongside other esteemed employers. Enhance your listing with videos, a rich corporate narrative, and direct links to your open positions.
  3. Promotional Advertising: Your company will be included in targeted promotional print and
    digital ads driving potential candidates to your article and landing page, magnifying your

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Space is limited to ensure premium exposure. Reserve your slot early and guarantee your place in this exclusive showcase. Don’t miss this chance to shine a light on your company and connect with the talent that will
drive your future success. Contact us to join The Gazette’s Company Spotlight and start elevating your workforce or call 319-368-8600 today.