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When you are on the job search, it’s difficult to take a step back and think about finding the work environment that is right for you.  What is your work environment? Your work environment is everything that makes up your surroundings for the job that you do.  These include things such as the people you work with, the workspace that you have, and the location that you do your job.

So often when we are job hunting, we just want to find the next thing.  Whether employed or unemployed, we feel the need to move onto something else so we feel like we are progressing with our lives.  This can lead to potentially taking a job that isn’t the right environment for you.  This post will show you some ways that you can identify what is right for you, and what isn’t.

Look at Past Experience

What jobs have you had in the past that you enjoyed?  What in particular did you like about those jobs?  What is working with people?  Was it the space or location that you worked?  Was it the hours or the work itself that you enjoyed?  Take inventory of what you have liked doing in previous work experiences and what you didn’t like.  This is a great starting point.


It’s okay to dream.  If you had your ideal work environment and job, what would that look like?  Do you work in a high rise office downtown with lots of people around?  Do you travel for work?  Do you work from home?  What hours do you work, and what is your boss like?  Are you the boss?  Do you work at a computer all day or do you do more labor related tasks?

In regards to your environment, ask yourself:

Who are the people that you work with?

What does your physical workspace look like?

Where do you work?

Having Trouble?

Yep, I’ve been there too.  Struggling to figure out what to do with my life – Probably why I had 7 job titles within 5 years of graduating college.  Let me tell you that it’s okay not to have life figured out.  Most of us don’t and what you want when you are 22 probably won’t be the same as when you are 32, 42, 52, or 62.  If you are struggling, here are some additional things you can do to find some clarity:

  1. Get outside – get some fresh air and get out in nature.  Go for a walk, run, bike and get off the beaten path a bit.  My best ideas and thoughts seem to come to me when I am outside, or in the middle of the night when I am sleeping.  I can’t speak for others, but getting outside helps clear your head and connects you with nature.
  2. Keep a notepad handy – Write your ideas and thoughts down.  Whether it’s a notepad, your notes app on your phone, or a document on your computer, write down your thoughts.  Sometimes I write things down in the middle of the night because I know I’ll forget them by morning.
  3. Get Quiet –  Shut off your devices for a few minutes and just breathe.  I suppose this is something like meditation.  We are so stimulated by external forces this day and age.  I look at what I have going as I write this (two computer monitors, music playing in the background, TV on mute, and phone less than a foot from my left hand).  It’s a little ridiculous right?  Take a few minutes after you wake up or right before bed to disconnect and just breathe (also something that I practice).
  4. Stay Positive – There is an old saying that I like that says “before you can have something, you must first be something.”  Act like what you want is going to happen with 100% certainty and you’ll eventually have what it is that you are shooting for.  Keeping a good attitude and a positive outlook will help you in the long run.

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