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Corridor Careers knows you want to level up your career. To help, we keep this section updated with Eastern Iowa career resources. Find local resources for job seekers in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area. From resume tips and job tips to relocation resources, our team curates local career resources from our community partners.

Please note, some resources may require payment and you may be directed to another website to learn more.

If you would like your career resource to be listed please Contact Corridor Careers .

Careers & Coffee

Careers & Coffee is a new podcast featuring short chats about careers in Eastern Iowa, career path resources and all things job search.

Kirkwood Career Center

Career Services at Kirkwood is a resource available to anyone, not just Kirkwood students. An online Career Coach virtual tool, a resume builder and an in person Career Directions workshop are our top picks. In-person appointments can be made as well.

Career Week Resources

Panel discussions, resource packs and quizzes to help you reach your career goals in Eastern Iowa.

Latest Job Tip

Careers & Coffee: Filling out online job applications

In this episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan dive into some details about filling out online job applications. Dan Holterhaus 0:00 All right, we’re back after a little hiatus from careers and coffee, coming right back at you. With our coffee, Liz Kennedy 0:09 coffee Dan Holterhaus 0:10 How are you doing? Liz Kennedy 0:12 Well, we have not stopped drinking coffee even though we have stopped. We were a little bit of a hiatus on the podcast. But that was because we were doing career...

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