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Benefits of Attending a Career Fair (and Tips on How to Stand Out)


Career fairs are still a valuable source for job seekers and employers alike. Whether you’re actively seeking employment or just starting to think about switching jobs, a career fair is a great resource with many benefits. Job Openings The best benefit job seekers can enjoy at a career fair is learning about all the job opportunities in your area. Company representatives in attendance will be able to give insights on all their job openings as well as the business’ hiring process. Tip: Remember to bring plenty of copies of your resume and make sure you can talk articulately about your past experience and merits. Networking Even if your choice employer isn’t attending the fair or has no openings, career fairs are a great opportunity to...

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Why Volunteer? : How Helping Out Can Help You Land a Job


Other than the warm feeling of charity, volunteering can yield many benefits that can give you a leg up when searching for a job. According to a LinkedIn survey, one in five hiring managers said they have hired someone because of their charitable work. Volunteer opportunitiescan open doors to new connections and skills while also giving you a fresh perspective. Below are some of the benefits of volunteer work for your job search. Expand Your Network One of the benefits of volunteering is the chance to make friends and grow your personal and professional networks. Whether you’re walking dogs at an animal shelter or ladling servings at a soup kitchen, you’ll work closely with a brand new group of like-minded people. These new connections...

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Why Can’t We Be Friends? : 6 Networking Strategies

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So you want to network.  Or at least you’ve heard that you should.  You’ve planned on wearing your best shoes, brushing your teeth twice and talking about yourself at several strangers for a few hours until someone hands you a job. Easy, right? Not quite. The best way to have a successful, fulfilling experience at a networking event is by remembering that the goal is for everyone to make connections, not for everyone to offer you a job. Networking is about connecting with other people about shared passions and interests. Most importantly, it’s about listening to what others need and helping them find what they are looking for without expecting personal gain. Networking can be exciting and rewarding if you make the right moves. Follow the...

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What to Do After College: Tips on Finding Your First Job

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So you did it. You survived all of those tiring all-nighters, grueling end-of-term finals and (somewhat) balanced keg stands and you’re ready for next phase of your life. Graduating from college is a huge feat that calls for celebration. But when the party is over, , it’s time to find a job and knowing how and where to find your first job can be tricky without proper guidance. According to a recent Accenture College Graduate Employment Survey, only 46 percent of 2013 graduates were able to get a full time job within a year of graduating. Of those employed, 46 percent of grads were underemployed, meaning they had a job that did not require a college degree. Even though these numbers are disheartening, there are ways to prepare yourself...

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