Careers and Coffee: Just curious about a new job?

curious about a job change

This week’s Careers & Coffee Podcast talks about how not everyone is actively looking for a job, but instead are open to new opportunities.  Setting yourself up for the right opportunity if it comes along doesn’t have to be accidental.

Check out this podcast to learn some steps to determine what roles you might consider, and how to evaluate what companies might be a good fit. Simple first steps can include updating or reviewing your LinkedIn profile or reaching out to friends who recently changed jobs.


Have a checklist to review if a job is right for you
Identify what about your current job that is dissatisfying.
Challenge yourself to turn those dislikes into opportunities to improve your situation.
Let friends or industry colleagues know you are open to new opportunities if they come along.

Additional resources

More things to consider before accepting a job offer

View the latest jobs, get job alerts or build a resume on Corridor Careers

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