5 LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

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Professionals in nearly every industry are using LinkedIn – 87 percent of recruiters use it to recruit new hires. As a job seeker or recent college grad, it’s important to have a strong profile that outlines your strengths and experiences. Below we outline some Linkedin tips on how to get your LinkedIn profile ready for viewing.

Customize Your Public Profile URL

Don’t want to be a number? Customize your public url (the bit that goes after linkedin.com/xxxx)

  1. Click the ‘Me’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click the Pencil icon under Edit URL and follow instructions

Customizing your LinkedIn Profile URL

Upload a (Professional) Photo

There are many benefits to including a photo of yourself on your LinkedIn profile – your profile is fourteen times more likely to be viewed just for having a photo of yourself. However, LinkedIn is a professional social network so selfies won’t do. When choosing your LinkedIn profile picture, be sure it’s a high-quality photo of yourself alone, facing forward and professionally dressed.

Complete All Profile Sections

LinkedIn is your digital resume and, just like with your paper one, you have a limited chance to grab a potential employers’ attention. Be sure to include an informative headline that succinctly tells them what you’re currently doing and what you look forward to in your career. Use the summary section to elaborate on your experience, your qualifications and your goals.

Be Specific with Your Experience

It’s important to list the jobs you’ve worked and a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments for each. Even if you don’t have a lot of relevant experience, you should still include any jobs you’ve held, like lifeguarding over the summer or babysitting. They’ll at least establish your work ethic and you can always delete your early jobs and add new ones as your career progresses. Be sure to also list any extra-curricular or volunteer activities, your strongest skills and any awards or academic honors received during college.

Share Your Work

Just as it serves as your digital resume, LinkedIn can also be your digital portfolio. You can upload examples of your writing, designs, photography and any other work in your portfolio. Adding real examples of your work and accomplishments will only strengthen your profile when potential employers find it.

Build a Strong Network

You’ll hear this throughout your career: Networking is vital. LinkedIn is extremely helpful for starting to build out your list of connections. When your profile is complete, make sure to connect with all the adults you know including family members, old teachers and professors or mentors, etc. You never know what connections they may have that could be helpful to you. Those you know personally will be happy to help you grow your network.

Using these LinkedIn tips will help reveal it as a powerful tool and get you ready to use this professional social networking site. Ready to start applying? Browse our job listings for the best jobs in the Corridor.

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