Who’s hiring near me in December?


Photo by Rodion Kutsaev, Unsplash

Wondering “who’s hiring near me” in December? It’s often assumed that hiring slows near the end of the year as employers postpone hiring decisions until January. However, employers are still hiring great candidates in December, and those that post are often anxious to fill their roles with great candidates.  It’s holiday season, the time of year where the weather is changing in the midwest, and a long winter is around the corner.  And while many job seekers get busy during this season with holiday tasks and family obligations, there are still ample opportunities to find a good job.

Don’t give up on your job search

First off, many job seekers hang up the towel in their job search this time of year.  Sure, there are less variety of jobs on job sites, and life is busy with the holidays.  However, with a creative job search you can find out who’s hiring right now.  This is a great time of year to set yourself apart because many job seekers will begin their job hunt January 1 as a New Years resolution to find a new job.  Why not start in December and get a head start?

Employer budgets and effect on hiring

Employers looking to hire now are looking for people to start in January.  With upcoming holiday vacation and people taking time off, it’s unlikely an employer will be asking you to start between now and the new year. However, they may need to use up remaining budgets from this year and are ready to interview qualified candidates.  If your New Year’s resolution includes a new job, this is the perfect time of year to get started with less competition.

Using tools to expand your reach

We mentioned using a creative job search.  Yes, we are a job site for Eastern Iowa.  However, not all available jobs are posted on job sites!  Find employers in the area you are interested in and visit their websites.  Reach out to their Human Resources department if you can find a phone number or email address.  Connect with others through LinkedIn.  And in the age of COVID-19, many employers across the country are becoming open to remote work opportunities.  Perhaps it’s time to broaden your search and find an employer open to remote working opportunities who’s hiring in the field you are interested in.

Great, I’m convinced. Now what?

The best way to get started is to review your ‘candidate package.’

Components of a candidate package:

  1. Review and sharpen up your public facing social media.
  2. Update your resume (or use our built-in resume builder tool.)
  3. Craft a focused cover letter, highlighting your experience and career goals.
  4. Find a role that fits your skill set.
  5. Apply today!
  6. Follow up with employer after a week or so and try to stay positive.

Hope these tips help and happy holidays from our families to yours.

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