Job Search 101: Questions To Ask An Employer During An Interview

Good Interview Questions to Ask Employer from Corridor Careers

When you are heading into an interview, it’s a good practice to have a list so you know what to ask an employer.  This shows interest in the company, and if you have done your homework, you can relate the questions to the business you are interviewing for.

Assuming you have made it through the phone interview process, in general during an interview, the employer will provide questions to which you will answer.  At the end of the interview, you will have a chance to ask the employer your questions.

Great questions to ask an employer during an interview:

Q: What is the typical career path of someone who takes this job within your organization?

This is a good question because it shows your interest in staying with a company longer than just this job.  If you understand where you may want to be in 3-5 years, this question should give you a good idea of where you could end up.

Another way to ask this would be, “Are there opportunities for advancement from this position in the future?”

Q: Who will I report to?

If you aren’t interviewing with the direct person you will report to, it’s good to get an idea of who that person is.  You could tack on follow-up questions to this such as, “What is this person’s managerial style?”  Or, “How many people currently report to this person?”  Hopefully, a company will allow you to meet the person you would be directly reporting to.

Q: What type of skill set is needed to be effective in this job?

Hopefully, before asking this question, you have a good idea of your personality and what type of job fits you well.  If you know yourself and your strengths, this question should clarify if you are going to enjoy the position and if your unique skill set will be of value.

Q: How would you describe your company culture?

Yes, company culture is a real thing you should care about these days!  Twenty, thirty or more years ago company culture wasn’t really something people talked about.  This gives you another good read to understand if you will be a good fit.  Do you prefer flexibility or a strict schedule?  What is the vibe in the office?  Is it loud, or quiet, and how do the employees get along?  Would you be expected to rotate when you take your lunch? What separates this company from any other company?

Q: Why did you start working at this company?

This is a great question because it will get the person who is interviewing you to talk about themselves and their personal experience with the organization.  What drew them in?  Do they feel like their work is valued?  What makes them stay at the company?

There are a plethora of questions that you could ask during a job interview.  These are just a starting point.  Depending on the job and level of experience required, many more questions might need to be answered. But with these on your notepad, you’ll be prepared to have a great conversation.

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