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Hi friends in Eastern Iowa and visiting from afar.  We are back today with another resource tool that you can use on  It is our……..drumroll please…………… Salary Calculator!  This tool is especially helpful for those who may be switching from part-time hourly work to a full-time salaried position, or vice versa.

To find our Salary Calculator, you can scroll to the very bottom of any page on, then under the “About” section, you will see a link to the Salary Calculator.

Now with some simple math skills and a regular calculator, you could probably figure most of this out.  But that wouldn’t make this any fun.  And we want to have fun!

In our first example, let’s say you want to make $45,000 per year salary but you get a job offer at an hourly rate.  Using our calculator, you can see that you would need to make $21.63 per hour to equal $45,000 salary, as well as a breakout of monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly, and daily.

Salary Calculator on c
Annual salary breakdown



In our next example, you can see that receiving a job offer for $16 per hour would be the equivalent of $33,280.

Salary Calculator by hourly wage Corridor Career


Finances are important if you want to be successful in your career and life.  Knowing what you make and what that looks like hourly, monthly, yearly, etc. is always a good idea. For more about negotiating salary, check out our post on salary negotiation and strategy.

Check out our Salary Calculator here.