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Looking for “part-time jobs near me” in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City?  You may have found a sweet spot because there are a lot of opportunities for job seekers looking for part-time work.  Maybe you are unsure if part-time work is right for you, or you really aren’t sure of the opportunities out there.  First let’s take a look at why you may be looking for part-time work.

Why work part-time?

Did you lose your full-time job due to COVID-19 or the derecho?  If this is you, and you have been patiently looking to get back into your field of expertise but not having any luck, it may be a good time to explore part-time work.  It doesn’t have to be permanent, part-time jobs aren’t always meant to be. However working part-time does give you an option for getting some income while you continue searching for positions in your field of expertise.

Have you been out of work for a while caring for a loved one or children?  Many people take time away from work to care for family members and kids.  Sometimes this can last several years.  Some people who do this struggle with what they can bring back to the workplace after a long lay-off.  The truth is that caring for a loved one is a job!  You have to manage your time, show responsibility, and take initiative.  Many people who have done this have great administrative and execution skills that employers are always looking for.

Need some extra cash?  Perhaps you have a full-time job and you want to pay down some extra debt or simply increase your income.  Finding a job in the evenings or weekends with some flexibility may be a great fit for you.


  • If you are returning to work after a break, talk about what you enjoyed about your unpaid job, as well as what you hope to gain from re-entry into the workforce.
  • Stress your work ethic if that is one of your strengths – many employers are looking to check this box.
  • If this is a second job, be sure to mention you already work, and be clear about what your availability is.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you have to fill out an old-fashioned job application for a part-time job. Just have your most recent work-history on hand and a few references.

Opportunities for part-time work in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

There are a lot of opportunities to work part-time in our area.  Whether that is more permanent, short term, or creating your own schedule you can find something that will work for you.

Caretakers:  Whether you take care of children in a pre-school setting, or caring for elderly at a retirement home, there are opportunities to help others and be of service taking care of others.

Food Service:  Want to serve food or cook?  There are plenty of positions available and chance to move up if this is something you could see yourself doing long term.

Administrative:  There are active employers looking for people to help answer phones, file documents, answer emails, and be a ninja when it comes to getting things done.

Drivers:  Interested in delivering goods or driving a school bus?  Depending on how long you want to drive, what you want to deliver, or who you want to serve, there are opportunities to drive and be home for dinner.

Let’s get creative:  So maybe a traditional work situation isn’t really your thing.  Maybe you are part of the YouEcomony and you want to create some extra dough for yourself.  Opportunities like driving for a rideshare, or selling items online make more sense to you.  Do you have a skill or really enjoy making things?  Consider Etsy. the global marketplace for handmade items for sale or Redbubble a great place for artists and graphic designers to sell their creative designs.

No matter if you are re-entering the workforce, need something to fill a gap in employment, or want to earn some extra dough, there are a plethora of chances to do it.  And why not?  There is nothing like seeing some extra money hit your bank account.  It’s a good feeling!

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