Iowa Corridor Jobs: Booming Industries in Eastern Iowa


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Anchored by the crossroads of Interstate 80 and 380, the Iowa Creative Corridor is steeped in a vibrant community that values economic development in all kinds of disciplines. The area’s professional and economic strengths attract a wide range of industries and employment opportunities to the region. Below is a selection of the industries currently blossoming in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids region:



Because of the ideal proximity to Interstate 80, the Iowa Creative Corridor area is a great location for jobseekers looking for employment in logistics and/or distribution. Just within the last few years, Iowa City-Cedar Rapids has seen more than 3 million square feet of distribution/warehouse added. These companies include world-renowned brands like Nordstrom Direct, Whirlpool, H.J. Heinz and Procter & Gamble Company.

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Food Processing

The Cedar Rapids area is home to a slew of food processing plants, making the area one of the leading regions in the United States for the industry. The Cedar Rapids area prioritizes keeping these renowned companies by providing abundant water, affordable electricity and investing in the region’s infrastructure. The local strength in the industry attracts leaders in the industry such as General Mills, Inc., Quaker Oats and Pepsico Company, all which generate quality employment for the region.

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Located in the central region of the United States, the Cedar Rapids area is a leading manufacturing region. Home to companies including Whirpool, ACP, Inc. and PMX Industries, the Cedar Rapids area is well-positioned for years of growth in the manufacturing industry and consistent stimulation for employment opportunities.

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Electronic Equipment

Iowa City-Cedar Rapids is home to many software design and technology companies, leading the region in innovative technologies. Access to renowned research universities, the growth potential in employment is especially bright for job seekers interested in the electronic equipment industry.

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Insurance & Financial Services

Iowa’s Creative Corridor is home to some of the nation’s most successful insurance and financial services firms. With companies like Transamerica, United Fire Group, and GE Commercial Finance, the region has limitless growth potential in this industry. With Iowa’s insurance industry output ranking third among the 50 states, the region attracts a quality workforce as well as endless job opportunities.

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The Iowa Creative Corridor is a mecca for the healthcare and dental industries, ranging everywhere from nursing and specialist care fields to high-end biotech and medical technology. With countless world-renowned facilities including Mercy Hospitals, the University of Iowa Hospitals, and Clinics and Integrated DNA technologies, the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City region has a flourishing medical industry with vibrant growth and employment opportunities.

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The corridor is a great place for jobseekers in these industries and other opportunities including administrative/clerical, human services and accounting among many others. Ready to start your search/ Browse the many job opportunities in the corridor here. Learn more about what the Creative Corridor has to offer here.