Tips for Hiring During a Pandemic

hiring during a pandemic -woman on computer talking on the phone

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While we are getting closer to vaccines available to everyone and life going somewhat back to normal, there are still several months or longer of dealing with hiring during a pandemic.  Here are a few tips for employers that are still looking to hire during this time.

Don’t stop marketing your open roles

First, let people know you are hiring!  Many employees who are looking for jobs believe that nobody is hiring right now.  And a quick scan across Eastern Iowa job sites does show fewer jobs than normal.  However, this creates an opportunity to find quality candidates.  There are always quality job seekers looking for a new position and looking for companies that are hiring during a pandemic.  Use job sites, your network, social media, and get the word out that there are opportunities available.

Clarify the perks, position and schedule

Be clear and up front when hiring.  Is this job going to stay remote, or come back to an office at some point?  Perhaps the job is not remote at all.  Good employees want to know that they won’t get hired and let go because of the pandemic situation.  Make sure new hires feel welcomed and that their job is secure going forward.

Check your files

Teach an old dog new tricks.  Meaning – what about your existing candidate pool that you may have going back a couple years?  If you are having trouble finding good candidates right now, do you have anyone in your database who might be qualified that didn’t quite make the cut pre-COVID?  Maybe they have upgraded their skills, or are continuing their job search.

Focus on skills

Look beyond a resume.  With many job seekers switching careers in 2020, or out of work all together, it may be time to look at hiring based on emotional intelligence, instead of someone’s resume alone.  While writing a resume is a skill, the person great at resume writing may not be a great fit in the office.  And vice versa, perhaps someone who lacks great writing may be a perfect addition to your team. Use a skills assessment as part of your hiring process to even the playing field to include hidden gems.

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