Gazette offering marketing grant to local businesses

The Gazette Business Marketing Grant

The Gazette, an employee-owned local media company, has launched a community grant program to help Eastern Iowa businesses continue marketing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The program allocates up to $100,000 in matching advertising dollars to assist local businesses during the impact of the coronavirus mediation restrictions.

Funding for General Business Promotion and Employment Marketing

Employment marketing is available both in print and on,* Advertisers who have benefitted so far have been able to get their message out to more audience while

“As a local, employee-owned company, we feel the same pain, but we’re fortunately in a position to help other businesses,” said Kelly Homewood, Gazette director of operations. “We’re doing it the best way we know how by discounting advertising to help businesses get the word out about their products and services.”

To apply for a marketing grant through the program, go to and fill out the online application.

The program is open to locally owned and operating businesses that have been affected by the coronavirus.

The credits will be awarded in April, May, June, and July. They must be used within the month they are awarded.

Credits are available for a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1,000. They can be used to pay for print or digital advertising in Gazette products.

Applications will be reviewed by The Gazette and recipients will be contacted by email.

*Some advertising options are restricted. See the information page for full details.

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