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Customer Service Jobs in Cedar Rapids Iowa City

Interested in Customer Service jobs in the Corridor? Let’s face it.  To be in business, you have to sell something.  To sell something, you have to have someone to take care of your customers.  Your ability to serve your customers and keep them coming back is the most important part of your business model, yet it is often overlooked.

We’ve all been there.

You go to a restaurant and you have a bad experience with the waiter or waitress who was helping you.  If the food didn’t blow your mind, you’ll probably never return and assume that the service is always bad.

Serving your customers and keeping them coming back is the most important thing.

In the Corridor, we have a plethora of customer service jobs available at all times.  Usually, these types of jobs see higher turnover than other jobs, but if you are a people person and have a knack for helping others, a customer service job could be just right for you.

Beginning in a Customer Service role is a great place to start because there will be opportunities to move up, or into another business unit if you are working at a larger company.  Almost every company has a customer service department, and some of the larger employers around the Corridor include GEICO, University of Iowa Credit Union, Collins Community Credit Union, Mercy Healthcare, Mediacom, Alliant Energy, LimoLink, Mass Markets, as well as a variety of transit, logistics, and foodservice companies.

A great way to begin looking for a customer service job is to think about what customers you would like to serve.  Do you want to serve individual everyday people at a bank?  Do you want to serve customers who pay thousands of dollars for your organization’s services?  What industry is most exciting to you?  Healthcare, non-profit, insurance?  You can find customer care and service roles in almost any industry.

CX (Customer Experience) Career Advancement

If you can distinguish yourself as an outstanding customer service representative, the opportunities to move up and around your organization will present itself.  When you begin in customer service, you are beginning on the ground level talking to customers each day.  You really are the key-holder to everything that your company needs to know about what customers are most interested in and what they are looking for.  Use this to your advantage.  If you happen to land one of these roles, talk to your manager about what you hear on the phone. They will appreciate your candid feedback – it may even help the organization improve.

Is there a consistent message that you are hearing each day?  Is there another product that customers are looking for but is not offered?  You can separate yourself as a great customer rep by providing outstanding ideas to your boss, and advance your career.

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