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@William W. Potter –

Good day Eastern Iowa.  Today we want to bring to light one of our additional tools on that has been available for job seekers for awhile, but you may not know about it.  It’s a simple Cost of Living Calculator.

If you are planning to re-locate to Eastern Iowa, or you want to compare our cost of living against another city in the United States, this is a great tool find out what you can expect.  Our calculator will tell you the exact equivalent of what you would need to make in Eastern Iowa to compare with another location.

For instance, if you currently make $50,000 living in Chicago, the exact equivalent would be $39,883 in Cedar Rapids.  While utilities and healthcare will likely cost you a bit more in Cedar Rapids, you’ll be saving a lot on housing and transportation.



Let’s check out another example.  If you are moving from Minneapolis, MN to Iowa City.  What would that look like if you were making $75,000 per year in Minneapolis?


Lots of good information to be found!  Check out our Cost of Living Calculator here.

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