Careers and Coffee: Are cover letters useless or useful?

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This week’s Careers & Coffee Podcast is all about cover letters. We discuss how cover letters can help job seekers stand out to employers, and how to use creative touches to keep from being boring. Cover letters were once a big deal when people were mailing resumes to employers. But are they still useful in digital form? Short answer: Yes.

Check out this podcast to craft a winning cover letter so you can improve your next job application. Liz and Dan walk through an exercise to get your ideas flowing. Cover letters can help candidates stand out with HR professionals or managers. They can also be remixed into a LinkedIn profile or used as an introduction in an online application if there is an opportunity to add comments to the form.


  1. Avoid over-used openers, add some creativity or a personal touch to your cover letter.
  2. Think of one of your proudest moments or memorable achievements.
  3. Identify what you learned from that proud moment.
  4. Try to apply that to a potential role you are interested or how it would serve an employer to have you as an employee.

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