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Careers & Coffee: Filling out online job applications

careers and coffee podcast

In this episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan dive into some details about filling out online job applications. Dan Holterhaus 0:00 All right, we’re back after a little hiatus from careers and coffee, coming right back at you. With our coffee, Liz Kennedy 0:09 coffee Dan Holterhaus 0:10 How are you doing? Liz […]

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Careers & Coffee 15: What’s your one thing?

careers and coffee podcast

In this week’s episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss finding your one thing, or your one superpower in the workplace.  I read a great book about this call The One Thing, by Gary Keller, and he even has an entire podcast and website dedicated to this over at Searching for your […]

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Are you letting your career define you?

two people working

If you’re human like most of us reading this blog post, you’ve let your career define you from time to time.  It can be a mental drag if you aren’t happy in your job, the salary that you make, the field that you’re in, or perhaps you dream of a better life for yourself or […]

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Careers & Coffee #14: Keep at it and you will find your fit

careers and coffee podcast

In this week’s episode of Careers & Coffee, Adamu joins Liz and Dan to discuss his recent job search and how he landed at The Gazette.  There are lots of good takeaways from this podcast, make sure to tune in! Need some help with your resume?  Check out IowaWORKS or Kirkwood Community College, which is available […]

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Careers & Coffee Episode 11: Patience and persistence pays off

careers and coffee podcast

In this week’s episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss re-entry into the workforce, re-entry into normal life, and how patience and persistence is your best friend when going after your next opportunity. Yes, we are having an in-person Career Fair September 16th! Click here for more information. A couple weeks ago we […]

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Careers and Coffee #8: Questions to ask during an interview

careers and coffee podcast

In this episode of Careers & Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss topics such as questions to ask an employer during an interview, when to talk about salary, and what if you don’t have any questions?   Full Transcript Dan Holterhaus 0:01 Morning, Liz, Liz Kennedy 0:02 morning careers and coffee. Dan Holterhaus 0:05 Number eight. […]

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Careers and Coffee #7: Job search tips for recent grads

hat toss

In this episode of Careers and Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss communication with hiring managers, and some things to think about when first applying out of high school or college. LinkedIn Tips for recent grads Finding your first job post-college       Full Transcript: Dan Holterhaus 0:00 All right. Good morning, Liz. We’re back. […]

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits for Iowa Workers

Update to iowa workers on Coronavirus unemployment

UPDATED 5/11/21: Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced that Iowans will no longer be able to seek Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, effectively ending this program early. The federal program is set to expire in September. The governor cited hiring needs of employers as the reason to eliminate the extra $300 per week in benefits. Read full story […]

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Careers and Coffee #6: Dealing with overwhelm in your job search

careers and coffee podcast

In this episode of Careers and Coffee, Liz and Dan discuss strategies for dealing with overwhelm while job searching.  What about transitioning between jobs?  Tune in for helpful hints to overcome these stressors and move forward with your life. Listen Full Transcript Dan Holterhaus 0:02 Okay, good morning, Liz. How are you? Happy Friday. Liz […]

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Careers and Coffee #5: Educational Opportunities

careers and coffee podcast

In this episode of Careers and Coffee, Liz and Dan start the morning off early talking about where you can find opportunities to advance your education, and how just because you’re in one job doesn’t mean you can’t expand your skill set to move into another position. Full Transcript: Dan Holterhaus 0:02 Okay, we’re back. […]

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Careers and Coffee #4: Writing a Strong Resume

careers and coffee

In this week’s episode of Careers and Coffee, Josh joins Liz and Dan to discuss Resume writing, having a clear objective, and tailoring your resume to the specific job you are applying for. Oh, and don’t forget about our amazing Resume Builder that can help you if you are stuck – you just need to […]

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I lack some of the job skills in a listing, should I apply?

person typing at computer

It’s all too common to see a job posting that you are interested in, but think twice about applying because you feel that you lack the skills the company is looking for.  A company may have a list of requirements, and for very specific jobs, they may require a certain skill set or education.  As […]

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Find The Work Environment That Fits Your Needs

work environment that fits your needs Corridor Careers

When you are on the job search, it’s difficult to take a step back and think about finding the work environment that is right for you.  What is your work environment? Your work environment is everything that makes up your surroundings for the job that you do.  These include things such as the people you […]

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Why your attitude will determine your job search success

attitude determines your success

I was listening to a podcast recently and had a couple takeaways that will lead to your job search success.  His message was one that didn’t resonate with me at first, but as I kept listening it began growing on me.  The message was about how 2020 has felt, and what 2021 will look like.  […]

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The job you want: How to get there

get job you want corridor careers

Whether you are recent college grad or at any stage in your working career, you’ve undoubtedly been in a job where you weren’t quite where you wanted to be.  How to get the job you want is not always easy to understand. It happens to us without even knowing it, we take a job because […]

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Tips for Hiring During a Pandemic

hiring during a pandemic -woman on computer talking on the phone

While we are getting closer to vaccines available to everyone and life going somewhat back to normal, there are still several months or longer of dealing with hiring during a pandemic.  Here are a few tips for employers that are still looking to hire during this time. Don’t stop marketing your open roles First, let […]

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Upgrade your skills for employment during a Pandemic

Upgrade skills for employment Corridor Careers fall grasses in breeze

COVID-19 has caused many people to begin working from home creating an opportunity to upgrade your skills for employment. Whether you work from home, or you go to work at a physical location each day, you may be contemplating changing jobs or careers. With employers realizing employees can work from home and still be productive, […]

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On the job hunt? Consider jobs in Marion IA for work and life

jobs in Marion IA

Looking for work near Cedar Rapids? Planning to relocate to the Cedar Rapids metro?  Try looking for jobs in Marion IA. Located adjacent to Cedar Rapids, Marion boasts a small-town community feel with a population of 34,768 in the 2010 census.  This smaller town is booming with a vibrant downtown main street and suburban neighborhoods […]

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Part-Time Work in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

part time job driving a rideshare

Looking for part-time work in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City?  You may have found a sweet spot because there are a lot of opportunities for job seekers looking for part-time work.  Maybe you are unsure if part-time work is right for you, or you really aren’t sure of the opportunities out there.  First let’s take […]

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Wondering How to Change Careers?

Looking to change careers? Focus on what you do like.

Struggling in your current job? Looking to change careers? I get it, trust me, I’ve been there.  You take a job because you think it’ll be great, or you convince yourself that you need to make a little more money – that’s usually how it happens.  Then you end up working just for a paycheck […]

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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance During COVID-19

Achieving work life balance during Covid-19

Whether you are working from home or working at your physical working location, we’ve got some strategies to help you get through with a bit of balance. First, you must define what work-life balance means to you. If you asked two others what work-life balance means to them, you would get two completely separate answers.  Perhaps self-care and making plenty of time to cook healthy meals is very important.  Or maybe having a job you enjoy and feel motivated to do can help achieve the balance you are looking for too. 

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Corridor Cost of Living Calculator

cost of living calculator cedar rapids iowa city iowa

Good day Eastern Iowa.  Today we want to bring to light one of our additional tools on that has been available for job seekers for awhile, but you may not know about it.  It’s a simple Cost of Living Calculator. If you are planning to re-locate to Eastern Iowa, or you want to compare […]

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Salary Calculator Tool

Corridor Careers Salary Calculator

Hi friends in Eastern Iowa and visiting from afar.  We are back today with another resource tool that you can use on  It is our……..drumroll please…………… Salary Calculator!  This tool is especially helpful for those who may be switching from part-time hourly work to a full-time salaried position, or vice versa. To find our […]

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Making Your Company’s Virtual Career Fair Great

Virtual Job Fair scheduled for September 17th

If you are looking for some virtual career fair best practices, we’ve got a few to help your company make their next virtual career fair a success! COVID-19 has forced us to re-think a lot of normal business operations, and public hesitation to refrain from attending large-scale gatherings puts virtual career fair options at the top of mind for many businesses and recruiters.

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This thing has sucked


But it’s not all doom and gloom. Our data analyst, Dan Holterhaus offers a personal look at how the Corridor Careers team has responded (and embraced the suck) and offers job seeker resources to cope.

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CARES Act Resources and Information

COVID-19 Unemployment Resources Care act Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Please note: The CARES Act program has ended. If you have been unemployed due to the Iowa derecho, please read our other post. The CARES Act signed into law by the President is the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.  There are two parts of the CARES Act that could be important for you. […]

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Job Search Crisis, or Opportunity?

Get outside and exercise during COVID-19

We are in the middle of Coronavirus COVID-19 creating a crisis for many people in many industries.  Travel, tourism, and restaurants are arguably the hardest hit by the pandemic.  When times are tough, we all grow as a society and as humans.  If you are part of a large community of people who lost their […]

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Job Search 101: How to Network and Gain References

wine tasting

In this article we are going to explain how to network and gain valuable references as you move throughout your career. Let’s face it, networking events that turn into friendly chatter over drinks are a little over-rated for the average job-seeker looking to connect with others in their community.  Networking events have gotten a bad […]

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Job Search 101: Winning the Phone or Video Screen

Win the phone screen in your next interview - Corridor Careers

Hiring Screens.  Those annoying but all too necessary steps that a human resources department has to go through to make sure they are putting quality candidates in front of their hiring managers for face to face interviews.  In this post, we want to give you some strategies for making it through the phone screen process […]

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Customer Service Jobs in the Corridor

Customer Service Jobs in Cedar Rapids Iowa City

Interested in Customer Service jobs in the Corridor? Let’s face it.  To be in business, you have to sell something.  To sell something, you have to have someone to take care of your customers.  Your ability to serve your customers and keep them coming back is the most important part of your business model, yet […]

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Hey Alexa, Search Jobs on Corridor Careers!

Corridor Careers Alexa Skill available on smart devices

Have you enabled the Corridor Careers skill on your Alexa device? Last year, we unveiled our Corridor Careers skill on Alexa and have seen more and more job seekers using it to aid in their job search.  Today, we are refreshing our old post about adding Corridor Careers on your Amazon Alexa enabled device! Adding […]

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Sign up for Local Job Alerts

Sign up for job alerts by category in cedar rapids or iowa city

In this video, we explain how to sign up for local Job Alerts on Corridor Careers. Pick 1 or more categories and get alerted at the frequency you like. You control how often you get notified – sign up today and unsubscribe when you get that perfect job! Studies show applicants who apply on the […]

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How to Save a Job on Corridor Careers

save a job on corridor careers with one click - no login required

Quickly organize your job search by using our ‘save a job’ feature. You don’t need to login, just click the heart next to the job while browsing so you can come back to it later.  Here’s a quick video showing you how! 1) Find the jobs you are interested in viewing in the future and […]

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Tis The Season to Find That Job

Tis the Season for Job Hunting

A frustrating job search during the holidays can lead us to wonder why a company is not giving the gift of “job” this holiday season.  Questions begin to arise.  Is there something wrong with me?  Am I not qualified for the job?  What is it about me that people don’t like? Job searching during the […]

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How To Find a Job You Want To Do

how to find a job you actually want to do

From a survey done by Corridor Careers, many job seekers reported having a tough time knowing how to find a job that they actually want to do.  There are multiple reasons that you may be having a tough time finding a job you love, and here are some of the most common: Unsure of what […]

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How To Stay Motivated In Your Job Search

How to stay motivated in your job search by using gamification

Being on the job hunt for weeks can be frustrating, and it’s hard to know how to stay motivated in your job search. Looking for prospective employers and potential job fits, and waiting in vain for a response are common complaints of job seekers.  After several job application submissions and little to no response later, […]

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Mental Health and Your Job Search

Man struggling with job search Corridor Careers

Job Search and Depression Extensive job search has been known to lead to depression, but often the struggle with mental health during a job search is ignored. Research studies have shown that initially after losing a job, the experience can be quite unsettling.  After the initial shock wears off, people can find a sense of […]

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Cover Letter Elements

cover letter tips and tricks

What makes an effective cover letter? Do I still need one? Many online applications for jobs don’t require a cover letter any longer like they used to.  And I’m sure you are thinking, “Great, one less thing I have to do to apply for this job!”  But are you really doing yourself a favor by […]

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