Ask Alexa: Voice Search with Corridor Careers

Alexa Skill For Corridor Careers - Play Corridor Careers!

By now, you may have seen the viral video of an adorable 2-year-old pleading with Alexa to “play baby sherk.” She was persistent in her ask, but Alexa could not understand what she wanted until Mom stepped in and said the magic words for her. A human knew exactly how to handle the voice request, while Alexa still has some growing up to do of her own.

Still, it’s hard to deny Alexa’s growing popularity. According to TechCrunch, over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices have been sold as of January 4, 2019. With over 40,000 skills available, that’s a lot of chatter.

Adding Corridor Careers to Alexa

Recently, Corridor Careers released an updated version of our own Alexa skill that includes voice search. You can’t ask for jobs out of the box, though. To enable the Corridor Careers skill for Alexa, search for “corridor careers” in your Alexa app. Or find us on Amazon and click on “Enable Skill”.

Corridor Careers Alexa Skill

Once that’s done, all you have to do is say the magic words.

Using Corridor Careers with Alexa

If you say “Alexa, ask Corridor Careers for nursing jobs,” Alexa will rattle off  a list of recently-posted jobs from our nursing category. If you want to search again, repeat the query with different keywords.

For another way to activate voice search, say something like, “Alexa, get sales jobs from Corridor Careers.”

Finally, you can try simply saying, “Alexa, open Corridor Careers.”  Alexa should prompt you to narrow your job search by keyword.

Alexa will try her best to match your voice request to our database to return relevant jobs. If she misses the mark, phrase your request a little differently. Or, try asking for a different category or keyword.

As always, if you experience any bugs, email us. We’ll work with Alexa to fix up the trouble and point you in the right direction. Doot Doo-Doo-Doo Doot…