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  • Average Wages: What Could I Be Making? - Iowa Edition

    If you read the headlines, you know wages are flat. While unemployment is low, employers may not be using higher wages as incentives to bring on new employees. And you could look at that number positively if you understand that wages, while not growing dramatically, are not going down.

  • Career Fairs Are Worth It. Benefits of Attending a Local Job Fair

    We've updated our take on career fairs. You know, the thing some hiring pros think are a waste of time? Here at Corridor Careers, our team still feel that job fairs are a valuable way for job seekers and hiring professionals to interact - especially if the job seeker does some prep-work first. Whether you're actively seeking employment or just starting to think about switching jobs, time spent at a local career fair can be worth it.

  • Need to find GED Classes in the Corridor? Level Up Your Qualifications.

    Tired of having limited employment options due to a lack of a GED or High School Diploma?  The Corridor workforce is highly educated1, and not having this credential can hurt your chances moving up.  That said, there are some options - and it's not too late to get started. It will take some courage and dedication, and a real commitment.

  • Entry Level Job Fair in Iowa City - September 12, 2017

    Corridor Careers is happy to share about an upcoming job fair by our friends at the City of Iowa City.  Our team will be there to help get job seekers signed up for job alerts from Corridor Careers and offer tips on resumes, trends in the job market and job categories. Unemployed or underemployed? One way is to test the job market by meeting hiring managers face to face without the commitment of an application.