Tips for Filling Out Online Job Applications

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Filling out job applications can be a long process and seem never-ending when you are going through your job search.  Each application may ask the same questions but it is important to tailor your answer to the job you are applying for. Remember these tips to make your online job application process go smoothly.

1. Fill out the entire job application

Don’t let your application be skipped over because you chose to only fill out part of the job application. Recruiters are looking for the same information from all candidates and you will stand out if you take the time to fill out the entire application.

2. Double check information when uploading your resume

Uploading your resume is a handy feature, especially when it prepopulates your contact information and work experience onto the application. Depending on the format of your resume, some information may show up in the wrong spot. Review the information provided to confirm it is in the right field and make any edits that are needed.

3. Keep past job history and references in one document

Employers want to know about your past work experience and will ask for your references at some point. Instead of having to remember the exact dates of your past jobs or the contact information to your references, keep this information in one handy document that you can reference. This will save you time and allow you to complete your application sooner.

4. Use the “Save Draft” button

It is alright to take a break, but do not forget to use the “Save Draft” button. You put a lot of effort into filling out each step of the application and you do not want to lose that progress by not saving your work.

5. Always review application before submitting 

You took the time to thoroughly fill out the job application but before you turn it in, make sure to review the information you provided one last time. Double checking your work to make sure everything is correct and you have no misspelled words will give you that extra level of confidence when hitting the submit button.

Applying for a job will take some time and effort, but these tips will help you move through the process efficiently. Corridor Careers is your source for the best jobs in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Start your job search  or customize your Job Alerts today.

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