Job Post Best Practices – Tips to make your listing stand out

job posting wireframe - best practices from Corridor Careers

It’s a gamble. If you follow job posting best practices, even in the current climate, many recruiters and HR professionals practice the ‘post and pray’ method of job postings. Merely uploading the job description should be enough to attract quality candidates, right? Here’s why this is wrong, and some tips on marketing your job listings to potential candidates.

Keywords still rule the job title

You may not get the views you want because job posting sites work much like search engines. They translate what candidates are searching for (by keywords and phrases) into what employers post (job titles).  The employer (and candidate) lose if the two don’t match.  A quick search of your job title on Google or Indeed will tell you if the title is common or uncommon. It’s okay to change your job title if similar jobs seem to pop up more often.

Example: “Website Project Specialist”

This title may be perfect for your organization because you love the semantics of a ‘Specialist’ and they will work on “Website” “Projects.” However, the knowledge, skills and abilities you may be looking for are closer to that of a general website project manager, with experience in Agile project management. The role requires client management, deadline management and organization. Market your position with a more standard title and save the ‘real job title’ for when you interview candidates.

Translation: “Web Project Manager,” “Web Manager,” or “Project Manager”


  • Do a Google search for your job title and see what pops up. If you don’t find a lot of results, try searching for another title that shows more search results
  • Check out and find your occupation in their list. They will suggest similar job titles and give you some great data to unify. This is extremely helpful for job seekers as well.

Web best practice tips for online job postings

Corridor Careers has been consistently ranked high by job seekers because often our listings have the most complete information about a job opening. Job seekers want all the deets! That said, there are some ways to make the job description easier to digest and clarify the key skills and features to get well-qualified candidates to apply.

Job Description Formatting

Our job description form allows for you to copy/paste your job description from a Word document or similar setup, but sometimes unwanted characters or formatting flow over. To remove formatting, simply click the T (remove formatting) button after selecting your text.

Readability tips

  • Try to keep your paragraphs to 5 lines or less, and call out key skills or requirements in bullets or numbered lists.
  • Do not use italics or change the text color.
  • Bold text is great to use…unless you make everything bold – then it’s almost like you are yelling at the job seeker.
  • Refrain from using ALL CAPS

Tips to be inclusive

Avoid loaded descriptors like ‘rockstar’ and ‘superior in your title and job description. Studies show these reduced applies and can be considered ‘gender-biased’ terms worth avoiding.

Recent efforts to increase skills-based hiring, are some ways local employers are working to remove bias from hiring. If your company is proactive in your diversity and inclusion goals, be sure to mention it.

remove formatting on job description

Job Category

Again, using as a guide, select the industry categories appropriate to your role. Corridor Careers recommends selecting a primary and secondary category. Most job boards only allow one job category, so make your first choice your best choice.

Location and Pay Range

You can select multiple locations for the job, however, your first selection should be the primary location. In addition, if you include a street address for the job site, a map will appear on the job description page, which is helpful to job seekers who are new to the area, or anyone unaware of your business.

location and pay for job

Providing at least a pay range also helps attract or narrow your candidate pool to those who are ‘shopping’ in your pay range. This is extremely popular for job seekers, who often see ‘average wages’ on job sites. Since it is a familiar feature, you should consider utilizing it.

Benefits and perks tips

Google is often the first place job seekers go to search for a job. We created this field to ensure that Google and other search engines understand what benefits are included in a job listing with our code base. To use it, simply paste any benefits or perks in your job description into this field.

benefits and job perks

There is no need to duplicate text; you can see the content in your preview.  Be sure to call out unique benefits or perks. Pet insurance, tuition assistance, HSA or 4o1k match levels are worth noting. Free parking is a huge benefit in Iowa City, so make sure you mention things you hear candidates get excited about when they interview.

Apply method tips

The best method for receiving more online applications is an email application method. It allows the job seeker the knowledge that they can upload their resume and/or cover letter and apply right away for a job. Often applicant tracking systems will require them to register before applying for a job, and they may not have the time to take action right now. If you use Corridor Careers and select a Network Reach package or other network distribution, email application methods give you the greatest distribution as sites like Indeed and CareerBuilder only accept jobs with an email application option.

URL apply is the second best option. When you direct a job seeker to apply for a job on your website, ensure the link you give them takes them directly to the job you advertise. Don’t make a job seeker find your job again!

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