Top Placements: Maximize Local Visibility

Enhance Your Job Listing with Top Placements

Elevate your recruitment strategy with our Top Placements package, exclusively designed for Corridor Careers. This package ensures your job listing stands out on our local job board, attracting more views from qualified candidates.

Ideal for Admin and Knowledge-Worker Roles Top Placements is perfectly suited for administrative and knowledge-worker positions, focusing solely on our local platform without external network distribution. It adds a priority flag and features your job on the homepage for maximum exposure.

Package Inclusions:

  • Selection of up to 2 Job Categories for targeted reach.
  • Inclusion in up to 4 Job Locations to attract local talent.
  • 30-day run on for sustained visibility.
  • Featured Jobs listing for 30 days on our homepage, randomized for fair exposure, and extends to homepage as well.
  • Priority Jobs listing for 30 days, ensuring top placement in up to two relevant category overview pages.

Benefits of Top Placements:

  • Local Focus: Concentrate your efforts on Corridor Careers, Eastern Iowa's #1 job board, to reach a dedicated local audience, and extend to homepage feature.
  • Enhanced Visibility: With both Featured and Priority listings, your job will be prominently displayed, resulting in more views and applications.
  • Targeted Reach: By selecting specific job categories and locations, your listing will be positioned in front of the most relevant job seekers.

Featured Jobs: Stand out on the homepage, where your listing will be randomly featured throughout its 30-day duration, attracting attention from both desktop and mobile users.

Priority Jobs: Rise above the competition with a top placement in relevant job category pages, ensuring that your listing is one of the first seen by job seekers.

Make the most of your recruitment efforts with Top Placements and connect with the best local talent for your admin and knowledge-worker roles.