Top Placements Jobcase

Our Top Placements + Jobcase package optimizes your job listing on Corridor Careers and extends to the powerful Jobcase network to get more views.

Best for hourly roles.


  • Up to 2 Job Categories
  • Up to 4 Job Locations
  • Runs for 30 Days on Corridor
  • Featured Jobs listing 30 Days
  • Priority Jobs listing 30 Days
  • Jobcase listing 30 Days with strong sponsorship budget

Featured Jobs

Featured jobs places your listing on the home page of Corridor Careers. Featured listings are randomized and appear on the homepage throughout their 30 day listing. These listings tend to get more views on both desktop and mobile.

Priority Jobs

Job seekers search for jobs by keyword and by category. 

Your priority jobs listing will place your job at the top of up to two category overview pages relevant to your job.


  • Large reach. Your job posting will be accessible by Jobcase’s 100+ million registered members
  • Jobcase is where employers can find a new audience of workers, who are active every day
  • Great for hourly work, blue collar positions