Power Recruit: Elevate Your Hiring Game

Boost Your Job's Visibility with Power Recruit

Introducing Power Recruit, our latest offering designed to enhance your job's exposure on national job boards. Equipped with a substantial $100 ad budget, this package ensures your job opening shines in search results across leading aggregators.

Tailored for Tough-to-Fill Roles

Power Recruit is the perfect solution for positions that require a broader search. Your job will be featured on Corridor Careers and top national platforms for 30 days, complemented by a $100 pay-per-click campaign for maximum visibility.

Optimized for Performance

Our advanced software continuously monitors your ad's performance and cost-per-click, making real-time adjustments to deliver optimal results. Rest assured, your job posting is in expert hands.

Package Inclusions:

  • Distribution to premier job boards including Indeed®*, Glassdoor®, Jobs2Careers, Nexxt®, ZipRecruiter®, and more.
  • $100 Sponsorship Budget for enhanced visibility.
  • 30-day feature on Corridor Careers for local reach.
  • Real-time performance monitoring and optimization.

Benefits of Power Recruit:

  • Extended Reach: Get your job in front of a national audience with targeted distribution across top job boards.
  • Data-Driven Performance: Benefit from software that fine-tunes your ad's performance for the best possible results.
  • Simplified Management: Post once and let our software handle the optimization, giving you more time to focus on your business.

*Note: Indeed distribution requires an email apply method, with additional restrictions and is not guaranteed. If distribution to Indeed® is not possible, the package sponsorship budget will be dynamically reallocated to other job sites in our network.