High Schoolers

Now more than ever, career opportunities begin in High School. High School is an ideal time to explore potential pathways, find out what you don't like, and maybe something of interest to you.

ICR Future Talent Hub

Explore career pathways and discover workplace learning opportunities right here in ICR (Iowa City, Cedar Rapids region). This site is built for both students, parents, and employers wanting to connect with resources related to building our future workforce. Students can benefit by reviewing the career pathways, while parents can learn about the options their student has at their high school to connect with a future career through job shadowing, Kirkwood Career Academies or simply thru elective course work. Check it out today.

Marion's Community Promise

Are you a student or young person not sure what career is right for you? Community Promise is a website where you can do some exploration to understand what might be right for you. Developed by the Marion Economic Development, this site offers helpful resources to area high schoolers and their parents in considering a post-high school path.

Iowa Big

Iowa Big is a unique, project-based learning program that offers students a way to make an impact on our community before they graduate high school.  It's an initiative-based high school partnered with Cedar Rapids, College Community and Linn-Mar school districts where students gain personal choice and time management skills by solving community problems with nonprofit, business, and government agencies. Learn more here.

Kirkwood Earn College Credit

There are multiple ways high school students can earn college credit in high school through Kirkwood Community College. Options range from taking one or two college-level classes
all the way up to completing a sequence of courses in a Career Academy. Primarily designed for juniors and seniors, the programs allow them to experiment with different academic areas and learn their true passions before committing to one subject area in college. Learn more here.