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Virginia Gay Hospital (VGH) is a privately operated, nonprofit rural hospital created by the trust of Virginia Gay, which has successfully served the needs of the people of Vinton and the surrounding communities since 1923. Our purpose is to provide quality health care services by using innovative, growth-oriented techniques and maintaining a sound financial base.

VGH provides acute care on an inpatient and outpatient basis, skilled nursing care, long term care and home health care. Goals will be to improve the accessibility of the hospital and its services to our community, while developing new services which make sense for the community and the hospital.

VGH must continue to build its patient base. We will do this through extensive self-promotion. We will also improve the working environment for all VGH personnel, physicians, and providers on staff through improved communication, cooperation, encouragement, in servicing, fair treatment, and an aggressive continuous quality improvement plan. We must also stubbornly search for ways to lower the costs of the services we provide by increasing efficiencies while improving the quality of care we provide.

Our unified commitment is to exceed our patient's expectations by sharing techniques and ideas, pursuing excellence and providing an atmosphere resulting in a positive impression of Virginia Gay Hospital.