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South Slope Cooperative Communications provides high-speed Rocket Internet, phone service, and television to residential and business customers. South Slope is recognized by the NTCA—The National Broadband Association as a Smart Rural Community leader and a Certified Gigabit-Capable Provider. Since 1958, the Cooperative has been committed to delivering cutting-edge telecommunications services. South Slope is currently in the process of a multiyear fiber optic overbuild to deliver the fastest internet speeds available.


Mission – Unparalleled communications fueled by innovation, service, and extraordinary people.

Vision – Connecting you to what is important.

Core Values – ASPIRE: Authentic, Service, Progressive, Integrity, Reliability, and Excellence.


We are proud to serve the following communities: Amana, Ely, Fairfax, Newhall, North Liberty, Norway, Oxford, Solon, Shueyville, Swisher, Tiffin, Watkins, Walford, West and South Cedar Rapids, and parts of Coralville.