About Corridor Careers

CorridorCareers.com is a website that hosts hundreds of job listings for Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, North Liberty, Coralville and surrounding areas of the Eastern Iowa Creative Corridor with options to distribute listings to multiple network sites. 

We're Google Jobs Ready, and always looking for the next evolution of our product to serve both employers and job seekers in our market.

Our site offers a great user experience for both employer and job seeker. Quality listings with career potential in the corridor belong right here!

Simple for Job Seekers

Corridor Careers keeps it simple for job seekers by offering multiple ways to search listings: 

Our listings are only local listings, so they won't get crowded out by jobs out of the area.

Simple for Employers

Our team of client managers can assist you to place your listing, or you can do it yourself. Your ad will be optimized for views, search -including Google Jobs Search and web standards.

  • Self-Serve Job Postings
  • Access to Resume Database (with Network Reach option or higher)
  • Distribution to other Job Sites for more exposure
  • Performance metrics (with Network Reach option or higher)


Regional Focus

Corridor Careers was borne out of the need to serve the greater Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Metropolitan area. Our employers are seeking quality candidates, and job seekers are looking for quality jobs and careers.  We focus on what works in our market, not Chicago or larger regions.  We hope you will consider job seeking or listing your next position on Corridor Careers.com.

  • Local Client Managers looking to help you find candidates
  • Local development and product evolution team always innovating to make it better
  • Local investment - we are invested in this community


What started as a joint effort between the local newspaper and the chamber of commerce in 1998 as an online job board has since morphed into the leading local employment site in Eastern Iowa. Every year thousands of highly curated jobs across all industries are posted to CorridorCareers.com aiming to serve the hundreds of thousands of annual visitors to the site. CorridorCareers.com serves both the local job seeker and those outside the area looking to return to Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor.