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Network Administrator

Cedar Rapids, IA

Job Information:

Under the direction of the Manager of Network Planning and Engineering, this position will perform network administration tasks in an exciting, fast-paced, high tech atmosphere.  Working facilities include office environments; secure data centers, and remote content distribution hubs/shelters.  Working atmosphere: 20% remote/ 80% office environment.

The selected individual will be a key member of the team responsible for the day to day management and operation of the company's service provider networks.  These systems include management of various networking services and protocols such as BGP, OSPF, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, Sendmail, TACACS, RADIUS and SNMP as well as proper traffic and QOS management of customer services.  The position will be responsible for providing 24x7 hardware, software, OS, and networking support for systems used to provide Internet, VoIP, analog and digital television services, and Public Switched Telephone Network access.   Additional responsibilities~ include participating in the evaluation, testing, and deployment of new systems and applications to support the needs of the company.

Essential Job Responsibilities :
  • Monitor and maintain various portions of the core and access layers of the service provider data networks.
  • Manage various network resources such as IP addresses, vlan assignments and bandwidth allocations.
  • Assign, provision and test circuits in the core and access layers required to establish new customer services.
  • Assist other departments in troubleshooting and restoration of services when escalation is required.  Work directly with customers when necessary to resolve issues.
  • Work jointly with the Network Systems team to configure, update and improve network monitoring systems.
  • Analyze network performance, determine proactive actions to prevent service interruptions and discuss with the team to create a plan of action.
  • Work with other team members in their individual areas of expertise to share knowledge and experience.  Understand all systems in the department and be prepared to assist whenever required.
  • Work with the Network Engineer and other team members to help design, test, evaluate and document new equipment, services, networks and procedures.
  • Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential.
  • Accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
  • Must be able to Manage: Atmail server, Barracuda (Spam and Firewall), Calix CMS Server, Calix E-7 Nodes, Cisco/Adran Routers and Switches as well as RANCID, DNS, NTP, DHCP, Speedtest, Syslog, TACACS Servers.


Required Experience, Training and Special Qualifications 
  • College degree in Information Technology, related military training and experience, or documented industry experience desired.
  • Understanding of basic protocols such as arp, dhcp, dns, NAT, ntp as well as static and dynamic routing protocols required.
  • A thorough understanding of IPv4/IPv6 subnetting skills required.
  • Experience with MS Office Suite, Email, and basic computer skills required.
  • Basic Linux administration and scripting skills a plus.
  • Basic analog and VoIP telephony understanding is desirable.
  • Basic understanding of how RF video and related cabling works.
  • Understanding of and the ability to adhere to industry standard security concepts and practices is required.
  • Ability to work flexible hours including evenings, nights and weekends.

Posted 05/24/18

Job ID: 42866284