Air Quality Branch Supervisor

Linn County

Responsible for the supervision of Linn County Public Health Agency’s Air Quality Branch, which operates under the direction of the Deputy Director.

Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Responsibilities include oversight of air quality program development, contractual agreements and deliverables, permitting, modeling, rule development, compliance, enforcement, quality analysis and quality control, ambient air monitoring, and public outreach and education.
  • Budget and grant writing for ongoing funding support and negotiation of 28E agreements and program contracts.
  • Provides technical assistance to staff, other agencies and the general public.
  • This class specification represents only the core areas of responsibilities; specific position assignments will vary depending on the needs of the department.
  • Manages air quality program to ensure conformance with the standards of performance established in the interagency agreements with the Iowa Departments of Natural Resources and Public Health.  
  • Develops contract requirements.
  • Under the direction of the Health Director, serves as the Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO) and serves as the Subject Matter Expert for the Air Quality Branch.
  • Manages professional and/or technical staff involved in engineering analysis, permitting, modeling, rule development, compliance & enforcement activities, quality analysis and quality control, ambient air monitoring, and public outreach and education.
  • Ensures that staff receive adequate training, mentoring, and professional development to perform and excel.
  • Manages the air quality program by reviewing and approving documentation for the branch, including major correspondence, reports, compliance inspections, enforcement referrals, air quality permits, ambient air management plans, standard operating procedures, data certifications, and equipment procurement.
  • Approves or rejects standards and/or conditions in permits, plans, and compliance methods designed to ensure emissions are adequately controlled, monitored or verified according to air pollution regulations and rules.
  • Keeps abreast of legal, technological, and theoretical changes with respect to air quality control.
  • Reviews legislation, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, memos, and contracts and ensures interpretations of subordinate staff are consistent with Linn County and Iowa Department of Natural Resources interpretations.
  • Meets with representatives of government, business, industry, and environmental groups to discuss compliance with Linn County requirements and to provide advice and consultation on air quality issues.
  • Prepares the Branch county and contract budgets, quarterly Iowa DNR invoices, grant requests, and negotiates the Iowa DNR 28E Agreement.
  • Prepares contract and grant requisitions, reports, contract commitments, provides technical expertise to staff as needed.
  • Establishes fees for service and directs branch resources to maximize program efficiency.
  • Evaluates and solves complex air quality problems and on-site investigations.  
  • Assists industry in compliance with air quality regulations.  
  • Assist homeowners and their representatives in compliance with open burning regulations and making presentations to different groups.
  • Maintains excellent public relations and public policy by hosting and participating in national, state, and local meetings that serve to protect or enhance local air quality resources.
  • Serves in consultative capacity to the Health Director, County Attorney, Board of Supervisors, and Board of Health. Attends Board of Health and other required meetings.
  • Serves on community boards and task forces and makes presentations to public groups.
  • Continually improves branch operations through quality improvement methods adopted by LCPH and Linn County, achieving public health standards adopted by LCPH and DNR, and adopting new technologies and practices evident in public health practice.
  • Enforces local, state, and federally delegated regulations and laws.  
  • Negotiates compliance of code with regulated facilities, residents, and contractors and institutes legal proceedings to prosecute code violations when necessary.
  • Maintains the Linn County Code of Ordinances for air quality.
  • Prepares revisions to the County rules for inclusion in the code.  
  • Maintains branch records and prepares reports for submission to the EPA and Iowa DNR.
  • Serves as the primary contact for all program and contractual discussions.  
  • Plans and prepares reports, budgets, and related branch activities for the Health Director, Board of Health, and other interested stakeholders.  
  • Serves as the purchasing manager for air monitoring equipment, tools, technology, and other items.
  • Knows the County’s Customer-Centered Culture principles, the County’s Mission, Strategic Plan and Core Values and demonstrates them on a regular basis.  
  • Uses LC3 principles to identify, develop, and refine departmental products so they are aligned with the Linn County Strategic Plan and enhance Customer Satisfaction. Collaborates with customers to enhance Customer Satisfaction.  
  • Facilitates capturing the “Voice of the Customer” and uses it to measurably improve departmental performance.  
  • Empower direct reports to close gaps between customer expectations and experience wherever possible. Performs other duties as assigned; regular work attendance is required.  
  • Responsible for LCPH on-call duties assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree required including major coursework in natural, biological or environmental sciences, engineering, or related field is required.
  • Five (5) years of experience in air quality programs, air pollution compliance, enforcement, and air quality permitting is required.
  • Additional relevant education or directly related experience may count towards minimum qualifications on a year for year basis at the discretion of the hiring manager.
  • Certification through the Air Pollution Training Institute is preferred.
  • Ability to read rules and regulations dealing with air quality, communications with industry, staff, and the community training and resource materials.
  • Ability to report on the work activities, communications to industrial, EPA, state, public, and other contacts, grant writing narratives, and inter-departments memos.
  • Ability to budget, calculate emissions, and permit limits, stack testing evaluations, modeling review, statistical work on pollutant and permit levels.
  • Ability work under broad instructions, objectives, and policies.
  • Ability to exercise considerable initiative and independent analytical and evaluative judgement.
  • Ability to prepare budgets, yearly grant requisitions, letter of agreement commitments, work activities required performances, short and long term planning and program development, and staff training.
  • Ability to plan externally with numerous agency partners.
  • Ability to coordinate and cooperate with the other divisions within the department.
  • Ability to have extensive contact with a wide variety of people in a broad range of circumstances which are not confined to an eight (8) hour day.
  • Ability to deal with irate citizens.
  • Ability to conduct enforcement actions with business and the public.
  • Ability to conduct negotiations with industry and other governmental agencies.
  • Must pass a County physical examination which includes a drug test after offer of employment.
  • Subject to criminal background and credit history review.
  • Valid Driver’s License required.

Shift:    8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.        Monday - Friday
Minimum Salary: 
*Salary goes to $78,822 on 7/1/22

Job Benefits:

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Application Instructions:

Deadline:    Friday, May 27 at 5:00 p.m.
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