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Coralville, IA

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Stuff Etc in Coralville is looking for a Receiving Manager. This manager is responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient operations of the store along with the General Manager and Retail Manager. As a working manager, this manager is responsible for assuring a clean, friendly and efficient receiving, pricing and processing are where both the consignor and customer are the highest priorities. This manager is responsible for enforcing company policies, identifying staffing and scheduling needs, and directing the work of individuals in the areas listed above.
The receiving area is responsible for handling incoming consignments and consignor relations. The pricing area is responsible for choosing the merchandise Stuff Etc will sell, pricing the merchandise and consignor relations. The processing area is responsible for preparing all priced merchandise for the sales floor. The Receiving Manager is in charge of these areas, responsible for the hiring, training, directing, etc of all staff working in these spaces. As a working Manager, the Receiving Manager will also be assisting in these spaces throughout each working day.
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Posted 02/03/17

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