Clinical Scribe - CMA, MMC General Surgery

Mercy Medical Center

This position supports Mercy’s philosophy of patient centered care by facilitating the delivery of health care services by providing knowledgeable support to the physician or provider in all aspects of patient care. This includes all interactions with patients and their families; in person during the clinic visit, telephonically and electronically. In addition, this position provides real-time charting, ensuring an accurate and completed medical record for each patient visit.
Job Duties
  • Accurately and thoroughly documents the encounter with the patient as it is being performed by the provider, which may include documentation in the following sections: problem list, history of present illness, review of systems, physical exam, assessment and plan, procedures and treatments performed by team, patient education, orders, medications, referrals, explanations of risks and benefits, and instructions for self-care and follow-up. Identify the portions of the encounter that were scribed on behalf of the provider using the scribe signature per policy.
  • Communicates a summary of the patient-reported information to the provider prior to entry of the room or within the room with the patient present.
  • Populates patient-reported information into provider-built EPIC documentation tools for the specific disease states and preventative visits.
  • Prepares the progress note for the patient visit by manually bringing in provider-built EPIC documentation tools for the following sections: history of present illness, review of system, physical exam, assessment and plan. Ensures health maintenance section (including quality reporting measures) and immunizations are up to date.
  • Collects and documents urine drug screens in compliance with regulations.
  • Orders and maintains adequate but not excessive medical supply inventory.
  • Manages sample medication according to organizational policy and procedure.
  • Provides assistance with diagnostic procedures (ex. EKGs) and treatments (ex. Nebulizer treatments) as directed by the provider. This includes obtaining specimens, labeling and disposition to the laboratory and explaining diagnostic procedures to patient as needed.
  • Processes medication requests/changes/refills per established written protocols. This includes having knowledge of medications, including basic dosages, side effects and interactions.
  • Manages phone calls to patients regarding test/lab results and provides appropriate instruction for treatment, as directed by the provider.
  • Prints after visit summary and completes discharge of patient from exam room. This may include scheduling a follow-up appointment, providing referral information or scheduling patients for testing procedures and providing instructions.
  • Provides patient instruction using pre-approved patient education materials specific to the chief complaint or for the health promotion of observed behaviors known to contribute to poor health, as directed by the provider.
  • Per established standing orders of provider, orders/administers injections, orders/collects specimens for lab testing (ex. rapid strep tests) and performs phlebotomy as needed. Provides test results as directed by Provider.
  • Rooms and prepares the patient for examination. This includes reviewing histories, allergies, medications, reason for visit and taking vitals.
  • Prepares instruments, supplies and protective devices for exam and testing prior to the visit.
Department Specific Duties
  • Manages room turnover, patient flow and supports an assigned provider's practice while acting as a liaison between the provider and his/her patients.  Assists provider to remain on time with scheduled appointments.
  • Coordinates pre-operative and post-operative appointments for surgical patients.  Provide patient education as needed for the scheduled test/procedure.
  • Provides care coordination for patients with chronic conditions including but not limited to wound care and ostomy care.
  • May provide cross coverage for staff roles within clinic in support of a unified team approach.
  • Collaborates frequently with hospital inpatient departments and staff.  May include inpatient rounding with assigned providers upon request.
  • Maintains a reliable system for patient monitoring and follow-up.  This may include, but not limited to monitoring and maintaining colonoscopy recall system including patient notification, scheduling, and results.
  • Enters therapy plans per provider direction.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • General knowledge and understanding of anatomy, the diagnosis process, pharmacology (drug classifications, side effects, interactions) physiology, lab values, sterilization techniques and safe administration of medications.
  • Operational knowledge of nebulizers, spirometers, EKG machines and other medical equipment.
  • Ability to successfully perform venipuncture, EKGs, spriometry and other procedures as required.
  • Basic computer knowledge and navigation of an E.H.R.
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills, computer skills, organization, time management, attention to detail and the ability to remain poised and efficient in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to remain flexible with sudden changes in clinic staffing and clinic schedules based on provider call schedules.
Professional Experience
  • Required: Successfully completed clinic transformation with assigned provider to include scribe training or go-live support; or hired directly into a provider area that has already implemented clinic transformation. The CMA will be trained as a Clinical Scribe immediately upon hire.
  • Previous experience in a medical office setting preferred
  • Graduate of an accredited medical assistant program required.
Licensure, Certification, Registration
  • Medical Assistant Certification required.
  • Current certification in Basic Life Support (BLS), in accordance with the American Heart Association required.
  • Iowa Dependent Adult Abuse & Iowa Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter training required.  Employee must submit certification of completed training to Human Resources prior to start or transfer date.
Physical Demand Requirements
  • Medium:
      • Must be able to lift up to 50# on occasional basis to assist with patient transfers.
      • All lifting over 50# should be performed with team lifts.
      • Able to push and pull of up to 25# of horizontal force on occasional basis and push and pull up to 40# of horizontal force on rare basis.
      • Ability to administer CPR

Location: Mercy Medical Center - Cedar Rapids · MMC General Surgery
Schedule: Full Time, Day, Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm

Job ID: 83557

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