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Library Director

Marion, IA

Job Information:

The Marion Public Library Board of Trustees is seeking the next Director of the friendliest public library in the world. This is a special opportunity to lead a team that is fiercely customer-focused, excited to try new things and take risks, and to build actively on present success to improve services every day. This position offers unparalleled support, opportunity, collaboration, and community.

The Library Director reports to a supportive, enthusiastic, and engaged nine-member Board of Trustees and participates in City of Marion initiatives and projects in cooperation with other City department heads. The library leadership team works very closely with the Director to coordinate workflow, set goals, and improve services.

Support also comes from the nimble, responsive, and change-ready library staff. MPL employees are united in their dedication to library service for all, open to new ideas about what the library does and how work is structured, and truly engaged in the shared work of the agency. This is a group of people that welcomes big ideas, has impressive attention to detail, and has the energy to shake things up every day.

Application Instructions:

Please visit the City of Marion Website for more details on the position profile, job description and how to apply.

Posted 05/11/18

Job ID: 64252