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Project Coordinator

Cedar Rapid, IA

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Coordinates all activities associated with monitoring and tracking park and trail improvement projects and other capital projects. Works directly with professional services consultants and contractors to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope of work and budget. Works and collaborates closely with other Conservation department staff including the Outdoor Recreation Planner and Operations Manager. Provides direction and oversight for contractors and serves as the Conservation department’s on-site representative while monitoring tracking and progress of projects. Identifies and helps secure alternative funding sources to accomplish capital improvement projects. Work is performed under general supervision of the Director.

Coordinates all aspects of water quality and land protection projects together with park and trail improvements from implementation through completion and project closeout using the County’s Docuware software system. Monitors and tracks various documents including but not limited to: project write-ups/scope; final signed plans and specifications; cost estimates; funding sources; required permits (local, state, federal); pre-construction meetings; project progress meetings; project timelines; public hearings (if applicable); requests for proposals (RFPs); bidding documents; professional services contracts; construction contracts; grant contracts; project expenses; statements of project completion; and post-project meetings.

Writes Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for professional services for water quality and land protection projects and park and trail improvement projects. Coordinates and works closely with the department’s Outdoor Recreation Planner, Operations Manager and the Natural Resources Manager to conduct and track project progress meetings and inspections for compliance with project plans and specifications. Supervises contractor activities on a daily basis or as needed at project locations to ensure conformance with approved plans and specifications and that a quality product is delivered. Serves as primary department contact with construction contractors. Monitors and tracks project timelines to ensure project remains on schedule. Assists with identifying outside funding sources for water quality and land protection projects and park and trail improvement projects. Checks project invoices for accuracy and monitors project budget and expenditures. Reviews and certifies pay applications for contracted work. Prepares internal and external project progress reports as required.

Monitors and tracks projects for ADA/Accessibility Audit corrective actions and follows up as needed. Uses Geographical Information and Positioning Systems (GIS and GPS) to record and document all new and existing utility locations and generates maps as needed showing location of water, electrical, fiber optics, and septic/sewer utilities. Prepares grant claims for reimbursement, reading all project-related federal, state and local grants. Oversees the playground inspection program through the Certified Playground Inspector Program and monitors and tracks inspection reports done by park district personnel. Coordinates and tracks corrective actions for all playgrounds. Develops and monitors drinking water well logs and records. Works with park staff to ensure water systems and associated sampling plans comply with regulations related to drinking water. Performs all other related duties as assigned.

Associate’s degree in a related field required. Three (3) to five (5) years of recent experience in construction oversight or project management. Additional experience over five (5) years may compensate for lack of degree requirement at the sole discretion of the Conservation Director. Knowledge of the methods, practices, and equipment used in various construction activities. Ability to work with other employees and contractors during all phases of construction projects.

Knowledge of federal, state and local laws/regulations pertaining to permits and requirements for construction activities. Ability to identify and develop key partnerships and cultivate good relationships with other governmental and non-governmental entities. Ability to identify and evaluate key parcels for protection through conservation easements or acquisition. Ability to use Geographic Information and Positioning Systems (GIS and GPS) to develop plans and maintain accurate records. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing by preparing clear reports. Ability to walk or stand long periods of time on uneven surfaces in variable weather conditions, at remote locations on difficult terrain under physically demanding circumstances.

Must have the ability to function effectively, independently and as a team member of Conservation. Must have proficient computer skills. Valid State of Iowa Driver’s License required. Ability to obtain a Class B CDL. Ability to become a Certified Playground Inspector. Must pass a County physical examination, which includes a drug test, after offer of employment. Regular work attendance required.
SHIFT:  8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.    Monday - Friday
SALARY:  $25.39/hour

DEADLINE:  Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Posted 02/09/18

Job ID: 63307