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Content Marketing Specialist

Cedar Rapids, IA

Job Information:

Hey, who’s up for a job experience that transcends work and becomes a life experience? You are?! Excellent! Well, then say hi to Fusionfarm, the little agency that can. Small in stature but national in presence, we are a national award-winning full-service advertising agency located in downtown Cedar Rapids. Fusionfarm is part of the Folience family. That means we’re 100% employee owned. Chaching!


At Fusionfarm we live Brand Love. And it infuses everything we do. Love what you do. Love where you work.


Job Summary: 

Part writer, part marketing strategist, part social media guru, as a Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist, you will help to plan, create and distribute content as well as measure its effectiveness. You will act as an expert and advisor to manage accounts, execute campaigns and implement engaging marketing strategies for clients.  But this is more than just a tactician’s role. As a Fusionite, you’ll be expected to deliver creative and strategic ideas that do much more than just meet an academic equation. We deliver exponential results and that take a brave, creative mind.


You will work independently and in team efforts to develop and produce content to drive both client and internal marketing campaigns and strategies designed to generate and nurture leads. This position requires a passion for learning and the ability to adapt to an agile team environment.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Brainstorm content ideas to target a relevant audience and improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts.
  • Develop and execute “sticky” messaging strategies that will ignite brand engagement.
  • Create plans, calendars, marketing strategies and content personas to better organize efforts and target relevant audiences.
  • Create a variety of content types: blogs, eBooks, press releases, emails, website pages, social media posts, videos, etc. to drive engagement, conversation, and awareness for the clients/company.
  • Incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) techniques into writing, editing, distribution, etc.
  • Use a variety of distribution platforms to disseminate and track content. (Examples: HubSpot, WordPress, Social Media platforms, PR platforms, etc.)
  • Be able to measure results.
  • Maintain an understanding of the evolving industry for content marketing via social media, public relations and website SEO. Educate others as needed.
  • Manage and execute the overall social media and online community strategy for clients.
  • Ensure a consistent brand voice and tone across all communication platforms, including coordinating efforts with other media campaigns


Job Skills & Attributes:

  • Flexibility in writing styles (creative, “ad speak”, technical)
  • Strong record of valuable content creation and writing examples of work
  • Excellent communication, documentation and organizational skills
  • Possess in-depth theory and business application know-how of content marketing and social media tools. Active participant in social media sites.
  • Background in digital media distribution channels.
  • Experience in content marketing strategy, Inbound marketing and the use of analytics  to measure and increase ROI.
  • Team oriented.
  • Strong work ethic in achieving personal and agency goals.
  • Experience in HubSpot preferred, but will train enthusiastic learner.


Minimum Requirements: BA/BS in Journalism and/or Marketing or related field. Experience working in a marketing/advertising agency.

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Content Marketing Specialist


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Content Marketing Specialist


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Posted 04/01/18

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