Lettershop Operators

Fisher Group

(Important notice: Job Duties, Responsibilities and Working Hours may vary depending on circumstances as directed by written or verbal notice from Fisher Group Management.)

A.    Essential Job Functions:

  1. Works a standard 8 ½ hour shift, Monday to Friday, with a 30-minute lunch break and two 10-minute rest breaks.
  2. If requested, may work overtime to meet customer needs and/or requirements.
  3. Production schedules, work schedules, interaction required with other associates and management requires your presence at the workplace and your availability must be predictable at scheduled times.
  4. Equipment Operated:  Bell and Howell inserters, MCS Inkjets, Folders, Stamp Affixing.
  5. Package or box any outbound mail needing special packaging.
  6. Process outgoing mail according to current postal regulations.
  7. Load products to be mailed in feeder, set up conveyers and delivery in support of inkjet operation.
  8. Understand postal regulations, perform manual sorting, and manual tagging.

B.    Essential Physical and Frequency Requirements:

  1. Good manual dexterity.
  2. Requites performing tasks standing (90%) and bending (10%).
  3. Work positions include squatting (10%) with extended reach above head (5%) and in front of body (85%) and above 18 inches and in front 30 inches.
  4. Lift materials and equipment weighing up to 45 pounds and places on work station, and carries while walking up to 10 times per hour for distances up to10 feet while bending and reaching.

C.    Essential Safety Procedures:

  1. Adhere to and follow the safety policies and procedures of the Fisher Group.
  2. Do not smoke except in designated areas.
  3. Be familiar with the location and contents of the First Aid Kit in your department.
  4. Understand and be informed of the information contained in the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for chemicals which are located in your department.
  5. Understand OSHA Lockout-Tagout procedure.
  6. Report unsafe conditions or practices to your team leader or anyone on the Safety Committee.

D.    Essential Knowledge and Ability Requirements:

  1. Requires proven English communication (written and verbal) and organizational skills.  Ability to distinguish colors.  Ability to facilitate communication between production personnel while work in process.  Initiate and maintain good organization of records and information.

E.    Essential Behavior Requirements:

  1. Reporting for work punctually as scheduled and being at the proper work station at the assigned time.
  2. Notifying your team leader in advance when you will be absent from work or unable to report to work on time.
  3. Complying with the Fisher Group safety regulations and policies outlined in the employee handbook.
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Lettershop Operators

Fisher Group

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Attn: Human Resources

Or online at www.fishergroup.com

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