Intervention Counselor - Female

Linn County

HOURLY WAGE: New Hire: $23.94  ·  90 days: $25.13  ·  1 year: $26.45  ·  2 years: $27.90  ·  3 years: $29.37

Assumes responsibility for providing tracking, monitoring and outreach services to low-risk, delinquent or allegedly delinquent youth within the parental home.


  • Provides intensive supervision that may include multiple daily contacts through direct personal contact, telephone or electronic monitoring devices.
  • Provides guidance and advocacy for the child which may include individualized interventions with the child’s family as well as assistance in accessing resources within the community.
  • Work is performed according to well-defined policies and procedures under the supervision of the Juvenile Detention & Diversion Services Director in the Juvenile Detention & Diversion Services Department.
  • Knows the County’s Customer-Centered Culture principles, the County’s mission, Strategic Plan and Core Values and demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction for all customers on a regular basis.
  • Assesses family strengths, weaknesses and needs, recommends services and connects youth and families to appropriate community resources.
  • Develops and implements individualized case plans in consultation with all interested parties.
  • Works closely with service providers and community resource contacts to expedite access and remove barriers to information and services.
  • Provides services to children and families in their home as requested by the Juvenile Court or Department of Human Services, such as: intensive supervision which includes frequent face-to-face and telephone contacts, monitoring of school attendance, employment obligations, court appearances and compliance with other Court-ordered expectations; may include electronic monitoring; crisis counseling or intervention which may address conflicts or problems within the home or school settings; mentoring and guidance which aids in the development of a natural support system for the child and family; skill development which may include parent skill building, employment readiness, personal hygiene or interpersonal relationships.
  • Attends staff meetings and communicates relevant information to team members and collaterals.
  • Maintains complete and accurate documentation of case management services and all client and collateral contacts.
  • Collects data and maintains thorough records including program statistics, forms and written reports.
  • Completes all paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Collects urine specimens as ordered by the Court.
  • Testifies in Court as required.
  • Provides for the maintenance of county vehicles used to conduct business.
  • Performs all other related duties as assigned.
  • Knows the products they personally produce and the customers of each product.
  • Listens to the “Voice of the Customer” and closes gaps between customer expectations and experience whenever possible.


  • Bachelor’s degree in the social sciences or a related field required.
  • One (1) to three (3) years of experience working with high-risk adolescents and/or their families within the last five (5) years required.
  • Working knowledge of family dynamics.
  • Working knowledge of adolescent and child behavior in the context of the family.
  • Basic understanding of the social service and juvenile court systems.
  • Good working knowledge of community-based services and resources.
  • Ability to effectively use counseling skills with and assess the needs of individuals and families.
  • Ability to effectively match identified needs to available resources.
  • Skills to cultivate and maintain positive relationships with co-workers, other professionals, community organizations, parents and youth.
  • Ability to use sound  judgment in the application of program guidelines to a wide variety of situations and behavior.
  • Ability to remain flexible and adapt to change.
  • Understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity.
  • Self-directed; ability to work independently.
  • Skills to organize and prioritize work load to meet multiple and competing deadlines and achieve optimum outcomes.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to compose clear, concise, accurate reports and perform basic math calculations.
  • Skill in the use of basic word processing and spreadsheet computer programs to develop reports and accurately document and maintain data.
  • Good physical condition.
  • Valid State of Iowa driver’s license required.
  • Must have own transportation and proof of auto insurance.
  • A person who has a record of a criminal conviction or founded child abuse report shall not be employed, unless an evaluation concludes that the crime or founded abuse does not merit prohibition of employment.
  • Certifications required after hire include Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting, CPR and MANDT.
  • Must pass a County physical examination which includes a drug test after offer of employment.
  • Regular work attendance required.


  • 11:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday

Hourly Wage:

  • New Hire: $23.94 
  • 90 days: $25.13 
  • 1 year: $26.45 
  • 2 years: $27.90 
  • 3 years: $29.37
Job Benefits:

Check out the County's GREAT benefits! You can learn details at (scroll down and click on “AFSCME Benefit Summary"). 

COVID-19 Precautions:

Linn County has reinstated its face mask mandate, and requires employees and visitors to wear face masks when in County buildings. This includes during orientation. Social distancing will also be practiced. Linn County strongly encourages all employees to get vaccinated.

Application Instructions:

DEADLINE: Friday, October 22, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Job ID: 77253

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