State Industries Supervisor

Anamosa State Penitentiary

Anamosa, IA Law Enforcement & Public Safety / Executive & Management $52,478 to $81,640 yearly
Supervises and coordinates production in a large state industries product division; performs related work as required. The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions. WORK EXAMPLES 
  • Supervises and evaluates the work of subordinates; 
  • effectively recommends personnel actions related to selection, disciplinary procedures, performance, leaves of absence, grievances, work schedules and assignments, and administers personnel and related policies and procedures. 
  • Solicits business for Iowa State Industries and develops competitive bid estimates for products or services; 
  • receives/evaluates customer complaints and makes changes in methods and procedures to improve product quality. 
  • Interviews/selects residents for work in an industries product division; 
  • establishes the level of skill and competency necessary for inmates to perform various jobs in the product division and through lower level technicians trains residents in the acquisition of those skills. 
  • Enforces institutional security rules/regulations and consults with a higher authority on security problems to develop procedures in keeping with institutional policy; 
  • restores order when disturbances occur between residents. 
  • Observes/evaluates inmate’s work performance, technical development and social adjustment and regularly reports progress to the proper institutional authority. 
  • Provides technicians/residents with training on Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules/regulations prior to beginning work and insures they are understood and followed. 
  • Instructs technicians/residents in product quality and insures the amount of re-work does not exceed acceptable standards; 
  • recommends the purchase of equipment and allocation of production space. 
  • Works with purchasing staff to insure that raw materials/capital items purchased for use in the product division meet established specifications and are cost effective; 
  • communicates with vendors to obtain needed goods and services. 
  • makes periodic sales calls on customers. 
  • Develops new products or services and oversees the production of models/prototypes; 
  • determines if a quality product/service can be cost effectively manufactured or delivered. 
  • Analyzes income/expense levels and adjusts procedures to improve profit margin; 
  • makes recommendations and provides alternatives to a higher authority on the division's profitability. 
  • Experience equal to 30 months of full-time work in prison industries customer service or in the private sector in the manufacture/delivery of products in one of the following areas: Wood Furniture Fabrication: cutting, planing, shaping, routing, gluing, staining, and assembling wood furniture. 
  • Upholstery Fabrication: cutting patterns, sewing, stitching, tacking, gluing, and assembling fabric and foam upholstery items. 
  • Braille Production: translation of printed documents into Literary and/or Nemeth Code Braille using the Perkins Braille writer and/or computer translation programs, thermoforming, binding, producing raised line drawings. 
  • Graphics Arts Production: layout, proofing, darkroom operation, screen-printing, press operation (offset, duplicator, desktop publishing), binding, and cost estimating. 
  • Chemical Formulation: mixing, blending, bottling, packaging, and labeling personal care, floor care, kitchen, laundry, and bathroom chemical products. 
  • Sign Fabrication: blanking, shaping and forming metal, wood, and plastic into sign substrate. 
  • Application of reflective or non-reflective sheeting to substrate to produce traffic control signs.
  • Warehouse Operations: receiving, accounting for, storing, and disbursing raw materials, component parts, and finished products. 
  • Loading, unloading, routing, and dispatching delivery vehicles. 
  • Service Center Operation: receiving, processing, recording and fulfilling incoming telephonic calls. Initiating, recording, and servicing outgoing calls. Responding to and servicing mailed and electronically transferred requests for information; using computers to provide services. 
  • Industrial Safety: implementing and administering programs to assure compliance with the standards of regulatory agencies (OSHA, EPA, etc.) in manufacturing plants. Providing safety training to personnel in industrial plants and ensuring that safety policies are enforced. 
  • Manufacturing Support Services and Production Control: including but not limited to coordinating the disbursement of raw materials and component parts to production shops; 
  • scheduling the output of production shops to assure efficient final assembly; 
  • scheduling and routing delivery of finished goods; coordinating on site installation of large projects between production, delivery, contracted vendors, and customers; inventory control; quality control; micrographics, or computer based production control and support. 
  • OR experience equal to 30 months of full-time work involving the supervision/training of correctional residents or employees in a state industries program; 
  • OR employees with current continuous experience in the state executive branch that includes experience equal to six months of full-time work as a State Industries Production Coordinator, 12 months of full-time work as a Senior State Industries Technician or 24 months of full-time work as a State Industries Technician or Correctional Officer. 

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