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Linn County

Cedar Rapids, IA Law Enforcement & Public Safety $52,156 to $ yearly
  • LINN COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY is seeking a Full-time position to assist the Linn County Emergency Management Agency with all activities as authorized by Iowa State Code 29C. Works under the direct supervision of the Emergency Management Coordinator who reports to a 20-member executive Emergency Management Commission comprised of each elected municipal Mayor, the County Sheriff, and a representative of the County Board of Supervisors. Linn County, Iowa has a population of approximately 224,000 and covers 720 square miles located in east central Iowa. The County has 18 incorporated municipalities, the largest being the City of Cedar Rapids. The Linn County Emergency Management agency has a team of five staff members dedicated to providing services to all of the residents and communities of Linn County, Iowa. May perform all duties listed, with the majority of responsibilities in the planning function. 

General Duties: 

  • Performs work at the direction of the Agency Coordinator. Plans, develops and coordinates response to multi-hazard emergency or disaster conditions such as terrorism, earthquakes, major fire/wildfires, hazardous materials, nuclear incidents, imminent/actual flooding, imminent/actual dam failures, nuclear power plant incidents and transportation networks. 
  • Researches, analyzes, and develops emergency preparedness procedures and resources for all County unincorporated areas and for individual cities. 
  • Coordinates with and assists in developing emergency response plans; confers with various public and private agencies and official in identifying human and material resource needs and in formulating plans for resource mobilization during an emergency.
  • Participates and provides support for Emergency Management Commission as directed by the Coordinator.
  • Works with local responders, media and other agencies to monitor, coordinate and take appropriate activities and actions to protect the public relating to changing weather conditions. Receives training in specialized technical fields; develops and conducts in-service programs for emergency response personnel and presents public education demonstrations in areas of expertise and/or certification; compiles, prepares and/or provides instructional materials training and public education.
  • Participates in writing, submittal, monitoring, audit and other elements of grant application and administration. May work with local, county, state and federal agencies and personnel on activities relating to homeland security and emergency management. Other job duties and responsibilities as properly trained and assigned to complete.

Plans Officer Duties: 

  • Develops and maintains program elements of the County’s Multi-Hazard Functional Plan in accordance with federal and state requirements; 
  • reviews and evaluates local, state, and federal laws and regulations as they relate to disaster and emergency response program elements. 
  • Plans, maintains, and coordinates activation of Emergency Operations Center facilities and equipment. Designs and conducts emergency management exercises; provides instruction, guidance to exercise, and event participants;
  • evaluates effectiveness and efficiency of exercise and event responses.
  • Maintains and provides situational awareness of a variety of emergencies and provides information to affected communities.
  • Compiles documentation used for preparation of detailed reports and applications to state and federal emergency management agencies for reimbursement and financial assistance needed to recover from declared disasters.
  • Performs activities relating to the countywide implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency Risk Management Program and the 1986 Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act, Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA Title III).
  • Assists other EMA staff members as required.  

Logistics Officer Duties: 

  • Coordinates and provides logistics support and services to the emergency management programs related to the Linn County Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan, radiological activities concerning the Duane Arnold Energy Center and any other multi-hazard emergency. 
  • Conducts tests and maintains telecommunications, radio communications, radiological, indoor and outdoor warning systems, and other emergency operations or radiological equipment.
  • Coordinates and provides planning support to fire and hazardous materials response teams.
  • Coordinates fixed asset design, purchase, and installation and maintains inventory control. 
  • Assists other EMA staff members as required. 

Operations Officer Duties: 

  • Acts as the Agency Coordinator in his absence or as assigned. Coordinates activities with county and municipal public safety agencies, both full-time and volunteer to improve Emergency Management functions and operations.
  •  Coordinates and provides operational support to fire and hazardous materials response teams. Assists other EMA staff members as required.


  •  A two-year degree from an accredited college in Emergency Management or a closely related public safety field is required;
  •  graduation from an accredited college or university with a Baccalaureate Degree or equivalent in Emergency Management or a closely related public safety field is preferred. 
  • A minimum of two (2) years of public service or public safety-type employment or volunteer service at the local, county, state, federal level or military service in operations or disaster preparedness is required.
  • Experience should include public contact and functions involving planning, organizing, or controlling human or physical resources.
  • Current possession of a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) designation from the Iowa Emergency Management Association (IEMA) or ability to earn designation within three (3) years if qualified under other Minimum Training and Experience provisions;
  • OR current employment in a position that is the equivalent of a local Emergency Management Assistant/Assistant Coordinator with twelve (12) months of full-time service and two (2) years’ experience shall be considered as qualifying; OR International Emergency Managers Association (IAEM) certification.
  • Knowledge of the principles of planning, developing, and coordinating emergency management services; the techniques of emergency response and recovery; interrelationships, responsibilities, goals and functions of local, state, and federal government in planning and implementing emergency services.
  • Knowledge of emergency communications and computer systems and applications; techniques of training and public speaking; public relations.
  • Knowledge of and ability to operate office-oriented computer systems and computer operating systems such as Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) or other similar office products.
  • Ability to anticipate, analyze, and evaluate potential disaster problems. Understand and apply local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and directives governing disaster/emergency preparedness.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of agencies, organizations, and individuals. Elicit the cooperation and support of county, city personnel and volunteers.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports and plans involving detail and coordination; communicate effectively in verbal and written form.
  • Ability to meet with and deal effectively with differing groups of people from elected and appointed officials at the local, state, and federal level as well as local residents and voluntary organizations.
  • Ability to work non-standard office hours during practice exercises and simulated or actual emergencies as required including availability for after duty hours recall by telephone, radio, or paging device to provide or coordinate Emergency Management operations or response.
  • Ability to operate vehicles of various sizes and operate vehicles towing trailers.
  • Ability to occasionally lift items of moderate weight (20-49 lbs).
  • Ability to rarely move/lift items of heavy weight (>50 lbs). Valid State of Iowa Driver’s License required. Criminal background check and credit check required.
  • Must pass a County physical examination which includes a drug test after offer of employment.
  • Residency within a twenty (20) mile radius of Linn County Emergency Management Agency/EOC within three (3) months of completion of probation (extensions to both may be granted with approval of the Commission)

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