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Cedar Rapids Fire Department - Firefighters

Cedar Rapids, IA

Job Information:

Cedar Rapids is a vibrant urban hometown – a beacon for people and businesses that are invested in building a greater community now and for the next generation”.

The City of Cedar Rapids, IA is currently recruiting for Firefighter.

The salary range for this position starts at $48,670.96 annually. 

The City of Cedar Rapids welcomes diversity in all forms including; race, gender, background, and thought. The City strives for a workforce that reflects the community we serve!

Details on the required qualifications including the complete job description for this position can be found at our website:
Cedar Rapids Firefighters provide direct service, individually and as a member of a team, in the suppression and control of hazardous fires, and other kinds of emergency assistance to the public as circumstances may require, including medical, trench, confined space, rope rescue, water rescue, life safety training, USAR and/or natural or manmade disasters.

Cedar Rapids Firefighters work under immediate supervision, though there is often opportunity for individual initiative and judgement during emergency operations.

**EMT Requirement: Proof of Iowa or National Registry certification at the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) level or higher by Friday, February 9th, 2018 at 4:30 PM.**

Schedule:  At the time of hire probationary firefighters will work Monday -Friday, 8:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m. while undergoing basic firefighter training. Once the basic school is completed, probationary firefighters will be assigned to the fire shift schedule that includes 24 hour rotating shifts on a 53-hour work week that will include weekends and holidays.

Important Hiring Process Information:
  • Written exam will be held at Hawkeye Downs Bingo Hall - 4400 6th Street SW on November 8th. The doors will open at 5:15 pm. Applicants not in-line by 6:00 pm will not be admitted to take the written exam. If you are currently serving in the guard or reserves, and will be "on orders" on November 8th please contact Training Chief Andy Olesen (319.286.5264 or as soon as possible to make alternative testing arrangements.
  • Candidates who achieve a 70 on the National Firefighter Selection Inventory from I/O Solutions will move on to the physical agility test. Practice tests are available on-line from I/O Solutions or a practice guide can be purchased in person at the front desk of the Cedar Rapids Fire Department during regular business hours.
  • The Cedar Rapids Fire Department is part of a consortium of fire departments in eastern Iowa that use the Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT). More information on the CPAT and preparation materials will be distributed to applicants after the written exam. The CPAT orientation is expected to occur on December 3rd and 4th. The orientation is designed to allow candidates to become familiar with the physical agility and provide a window for candidates to undergo intense physical preparation. Participation in the orientation session is not required but strongly encouraged particularly for candidates who have not ever participated in a CPAT.
  • A $30.00 testing fee will be due the night of the written exam. Please bring a cashier's check made out to the City of Cedar Rapids or cash to the written exam. No change will be made the night of the exam. No personal checks, credit cards, or debit cards will be accepted as payment.

Examples of Essential Work (Illustrative Only):
  • Responds to fire alarms; lays hose lines, operates nozzles, pumps, hydrants, fire extinguishers, breathing apparatus and other firefighting equipment to control or extinguish fire; looks for hidden fires; climbs ladders and works from ladders and in high areas;
  • Provides emergency medical assistance to injured persons and those overcome by fire and smoke, or in response to non-fire related medical emergency calls such as heart attacks, drowning, poisoning, shock and extrications, in order to medically stabilize and/or sustain major life functions;
  • Responds to and rescues individuals from life-threatening situations, including extrications, water rescues, trench, confined space, water rescue, floods, tornadoes, hazardous materials leaks or spills, rope rescue, cave-ins, and high buildings or other structures, person’s stuck or entrapped in manmade or natural environments; to provide technical support services and restore normalcy to area;
  • Drives apparatus to emergency site, as assigned; ensures that apparatus is functioning properly, operates pump and other special equipment;
  • Participates in salvage operation and post-fire clean-up; protects property from water;
  • Participates in drills and training sessions; participates in fire brigade training for community industries. Participates in inspections of commercial and residential properties;
  • Participates in pre-fire planning and development of property maps and sketches;
  • Cleans, performs preventative maintenance and repairs equipment and apparatus, including trucks, masks, hoses, nozzles, couplings, ladders, pump operations on apparatus, etc.;
  • Wears and properly uses safety equipment including personal protective, fall protection equipment, self- contained breathing apparatus and gas detection equipment;
  • Performs station maintenance work, including cleaning and minor repairs to quarters, buildings and grounds;
  • Conducts fire station tours for the general public, demonstrating equipment and apparatus, and answering questions;
  • Reads various work guides;
  • Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with City policies, procedures and safety practices; Attends work regularly at the designated place and time;
  • Supports continuous process improvement initiatives; Performs related work as required.

Required Knowledge and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of firefighting methods and techniques;
  • Knowledge of emergency medical assistance procedures;
  • Knowledge of construction of buildings as applied to inspections and pre-planning programs; Knowledge of hazardous substances and their control;
  • Knowledge of City geography;
  • Knowledge of OSHA permit-required confined space entry protocol, respiratory protection standards, right-to-know laws, CPR and First Aid;
  • Knowledge of current NFPA codes in relationship to job title and position;
  • Skill in fire suppression;
  • Skill in administering emergency medical assistance; Skill in rescue methods and techniques;
  • Ability to properly utilize the following equipment and tools: wide variety of fire apparatus, equipment and tools associated with the fire control operation and non-fire emergencies, and for the most part unique to fire control programs, personal protective equipment, gas detectors, fall protection equipment and
  • self-contained breathing apparatus;
  • Ability to perform confined space entry, including rescue, using permit-required protocol; Ability to work cooperatively and to maintain effective working relationships to accomplish job responsibilities;
  • Ability to quickly learn and put to use new skills and knowledge brought about by rapidly changing information and/or technology;
  • Ingenuity and inventiveness in the performance of assigned tasks.

Acceptable Training & Experience
  • Prescribed by the Civil Service Commission.

Required Special Qualifications
  • Iowa or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician Emergency Medical Technician certification by February 9th at 4:30 PM. Iowa or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician certification at the paramedic level is preferred. Successful completion of the Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau Firefighter I program by the end of the first year of employment. (Training provided by the department).
  • A valid Iowa Driver's license at the time of hire and a Class D Chauffeurs License with Endorsement 2 by the end of the first year of employment. (Maintained throughout employment as a sworn fire employee).  Residency Requirements.

Applications accepted until:  4:00 p.m. October 27,2017-NO EXCEPTIONS!

Posted 10/12/17

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