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Infrastructure Manager

Iowa City, IA

Job Information:

The Infrastructure manager is responsible for the managment, health, and monitoring of all networking, telecommunications, server, security, and storage functions at the University of Iowa Center for Advancement. The ideal person will have demonstrated excellence and depth in best practices for managing the availability, performance and scale of IT systems at an enterprise level.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Create a strategic vison for the infrastructure team based on the strategic direction of the organization as well as new technologies on the horizon. Understand how technology relates to the goals of the department and larger organization.
  • Create an infrastructure operation manual. Ensure that standards, guidelines and procedures are in place and followed for the work of infrastructure team.
  • Manage all networking functions for internal and external IT communications (switches, routers, hubs, firewalls, DNS servers, file servers, load balancing, etc.)
  • Must have a good understanding of server technologies including operating systems, physical and virtual servers, storage, backups, and disaster recovery.
  • Security – Maintain strict access controls into and out of network to minimize exposure to external attacks. Design secure remote access levering best practices such MFA and VPN solutions as needed.  Continue to develop internal Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, configuration management programs and security policies to continue to improve the organization’s security posture.
  • Telephone system management – Managing the operations of phone system and keep up-to-date with industry movements to provide high standard of voice quality.
  • Monitoring network health and alerting network personnel when an issue occurs with network resources (including storage, services such as email or file servers, application servers, communications, etc.)
  • High availability and disaster recovery – Providing capabilities to insure all services, servers and network can function in the event of a disaster.
  • Backups management- Instituting and running daily, weekly, monthly, yearly backups to insure data can be recovered. Periodically test backup procedures to verify process are effective.
  • Ability to understand application, network and system capabilities and produce infrastructure designs that meet business requirements.
  • Ability to lead project teams to achieve project objectives including scope, schedule, and cost. Follow UICA project management methodologies and standards.
  • Responsible for working with vendors, negotiations, and paying bills for all hardware, software, and services employed by the network and its applications


  • Bachelors or better in Information Technology or related field.

  • 5-7 years: Five years of IT operations management experience and experience managing IT professionals required. Very familiar with technologies including Microsoft, Cisco and VMware. Experience with storage area networks, WAN acceleration, virtualization, firewalls, routers etc. Cisco Certified Internet Expert, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or related certifications. Conversant in ITIL processes, procedures, and roles required; certification preferred.

Posted 06/08/18

Job ID: 43923518