Family Service Worker

Linn County


Provides participants with helpful, professional support in understanding and fulfilling their parenting responsibilities and assuring that all family members are physically safe, healthy, and emotionally secure. The type of professional support offered by the Family Service Worker will vary depending upon the designated service a family is receiving and the specifics of their individualized participation plan. The role of the Family Service Worker can range from: (a) careful monitoring of child safety during a supervised visit to; (b) providing families with information on community resources to; (c) offering individualized positive parenting suggestions, based on a research-based curriculum.

Primary Duties:

  • Provides supervision and teaching to parents in order to: promote positive parenting skills, family stability and prevent or alleviate child abuse.
  • Provides supervised visitation and monitored exchanges in a safe, supportive and respectful environment for families who have been affected by domestic violence.
  • Works under the supervision of the assigned department management staff and under daily direction of the Family Transformation Services (FTS) Supervisor.  
  • Knows the County’s Customer-Centered Culture principles, the County’s Mission, Strategic Plan and Core Values and demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction for all customers on a regular basis.
  • Engages parents in specific learning activities related to basic parenting skills, positive interactions with their children, money management and family nutrition.
  • These activities will be determined at the time of the family assessment and will be incorporated into individual family plans, when used.
  • Performs specific activities related to parent/child supervised visitation or exchange, by modeling respectful interaction and intervening when necessary.
  • These activities will be determined at the time of assessment and will be incorporated in each individual visitation plan.
  • Provides, observes and supervises parent-child interaction, during supervised visitation sessions or exchanges.
  • Documents activities and observations for client’s case record in accordance with the case plan.  
  • Documents appropriately and legibly.
  • Turns in all paperwork on time as requested by Supervisor.
  • Documents activities and observations that constitute a “critical incident” in accordance with the Family Transformation Services Policy and Procedure Manual; documents appropriately and legibly.
  • Turns in all paperwork on time as requested by Supervisor.
  • Fulfills responsibilities as a Mandatory Reporter of Child Abuse by following the established process for making reports to both DHS and FTS Supervisor.  
  • Attends training programs and in-service activities.
  • Continues to upgrade and develop skills required for the performance of the job.  
  • Observes the rules of confidentiality in all aspects of job duties.
  • Recognizes and reports any change in physical, emotional or social well-being of a participating parent or child to the FTS Supervisor or department supervisory staff.
  • Maintains daily contact with Family Transformation Services office regarding assignments, schedule changes and family information potentially affecting the daily operation of program services and the safety of children/families.
  • Participates in weekly Family Transformation Services Team Meetings.
  • Performs all other related duties as assigned.
  • Knows the products they personally produce and the customers of each product.  
  • Listens to the “Voice of the Customer” and closes gaps between customer expectations and experience whenever possible.


  • Associate of Arts Degree in Human Services or related field plus four (4) years of full time experience in child welfare services.
  • Bachelor’s Degree may substitute for two (2) years of full time experience. “Human Services or a related field” means the following: Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Human Services, Criminal Justice, Counseling, Family Therapy, Family Services, Family Studies, Child & Family Services, Human Relations, Chemical Dependency Counselor Program, and Nursing.
  • Special Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Law Enforcement Administration, and Political Science are not considered related human service fields.
  • “Experience in child welfare services” means full time paid experience providing social casework, therapy, or skill development services to children or families; supervision of children; and other experiences providing direct care to children and families. This also includes experience in providing foster care, child care services to children, family centered supervision. It does not include experience in a setting where the purpose of the service provided is to teach academic skills or activities engaged in as part of a practicum or internship for academic credit.  
  • Ability to work independently in the client’s home or other appropriate site, under the supervision of the Supervisor.  
  • Emotional maturity and ability to use sound judgment in dealing with clients.  
  • Good physical health.  
  • Ability to function as part of a team of professionals.  
  • Ability to lift and carry small children and car seats.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Must have current Child and Dependent Adult Abuse certification, or complete certification within two (2) months of employment.
  • Must have Family Development Specialist certification or obtain certification when training is offered and grant funding is available to cover the cost.  
  • Must complete an established training program on domestic violence offered through the local domestic violence counseling service (approximately thirty (30) contact hours) or complete an alternate domestic violence training identified by Family Transformation Services management staff.  
  • Sensitivity in working with families from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds is essential.
  • Must have twenty (20) hours orientation in the philosophy and internal operations of the Family Transformation Center prior to working with FTS (domestic abuse) clients.
  • Training will be provided.  
  • Valid State of Iowa Driver’s License required.  
  • Personal transportation and auto insurance.  
  • Must pass a County physical examination which includes a drug test after offer of employment.  
  • Must pass criminal background check.  
  • Regular work attendance required. 

Shift:    11:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.        Tuesday - Friday
                9:00 a.m.    - 5:30 p.m.        Saturday
Hourly Wage:

  • New Hire: $18.06/$18.47*
  • 90 days: $19.40
  • 1 year: $20.49
  • 2 years: $21.47
  • 3 years: $22.70

*Wage goes to $18.47 on 7/1/22

Job Benefits:

You've heard about the great benefits at the County - see for yourself! You can learn details at (scroll down and click on “AFSCME Benefit Summary"). 

Application Instructions:

Deadline:    Monday, May 16th, 2022 at 5:00 pm
Apply At: (Current Openings) 

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