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The Direct Support Professional provides assistance to people living in the community as they move to achieve personal goals of their own choice. The Direct Support Professional supports individuals in the expansion of their abilities, empowering them to choose and be successful in valued roles within their living, learning, working, and social environments.  The Direct Support Professional does this by offering a variety of individual and team supports. The position encourages community participation to promote community inclusion of people we serve.

•    Support customers in achieving personal goals of their own choice. 
•    Follow the service plan and use it as a guide to deliver services. 
•    Recognize and document goal progress and relevant personal interventions in an objective, clear and brief manner. 
•    Medication manager certification required when customer need exists. 
•    Legal ability to drive (including obtaining insurance) and use of your personal vehicle may be an integral aspect of service delivery. 
•    Support and develop living, social, and learning environments where customers can interact and build relationships of their choosing.      
•    Support customers as they identify and build natural supports for their needs. 
•    Advocate for our customers while promoting role recovery/discovery to others. 
•    Set up timely appointments and meetings and attend them as scheduled. 
•    Know the available local community resources and reinforce their use. 
•    Understand and maintain privacy and demonstrate respect.   
•    Address emergencies as they arise and use appropriate crisis intervention as needed. 
•    Take part in on-call pager/phone support rotation. 
•    Find and promote assistive technology devices as needed. 
•    As needed, support our customers with their personal hygiene and health needs in a respectful and dignified manner; this may occasionally include cleaning up urine, feces, or vomit from people or property.  
•    Demonstrate good role modeling for people we serve. 
•    Be non-authoritarian when providing services and working with peers and collaterals. 
•    Be active in individual and team problem solving. 
•    Pro-actively use supervisor and other staff as a support and as a resource for information. 
•    Act in a professional manner (respectful, tactful, and objective) without personal attacks on others. 
•    Produce and follow a schedule that meets customer wants and needs and meets team billable hour requirements. 
•    Be flexible as customer needs, emotions and schedules change; this may include working evenings, weekends, and holidays. 
•    Meet multiple demands simultaneously and efficiently with little supervision. 
•    Consistently finish assigned tasks within designated time frames. 
•    Complete and turn in daily contact time sheets on time. 
•    Attend scheduled mandatory meetings. 
•    Complete and turn in Expense Forms on time. 
•    Complete reports and all required paperwork within designated times. 
•    Attend job shadowing and submit documentation. 
•    Attend regular coaching sessions to develop skills, and participate in annual evaluations. 
•    Complete Medication Manager training as soon as possible, when directed by your supervisor. 
•    Complete orientation and training as required, in a timely manner, based on accredited regulation and/or Iowa Statute.  
•    Other duties as assigned. 

•    Ability to lift and carry:
      o     up to 25 lbs. frequently
      o     up to 40 lbs. occasionally. 
      o     over 40 lbs. rarely 
•    Ability to climb stairs while carrying objects. 
•    Normal vision with correction. 
•    Normal range of hearing with corrections. 
•    Frequently perform daily duties which involve standing, bending, pivoting, squatting, kneeling, and crouching. 

•    Must be at least 18 years of age. 
•    Must have a valid drivers’ license, a safe driving record, and proof of adequate automobile insurance.
•    High school diploma or GED preferred. 
•    Experience with working with individuals with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and developmental disabilities are preferred.  
      o    Effective 2-1-21; specific requirements for a DSP working in Community Integration Programs 
      o    A DSP working in CI Programs must complete 9.5 hours of services training as offered thorough Direct Course within six months of hire. 
      o    A DSP working in CI Programs must complete 4 hours of continuing education in services annually, on a rolling year calendar that begins after 9.5 hours are completed. 
      o    Sign additional addendum of job duties for CI Programs

Efforts have been made to make this job description as complete as possible.  However, it in no way states or implies that these are the only duties the Direct Support Professional will be required to perform.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, or related to the needs of people we serve, or as assigned by supervisory level staff. 


Optimae LifeServices, Inc. provides health care and human services for individuals with disabilities and mental illness from 39 Eastern, Southern and Central Iowa counties. For more than three decades, we have equipped our customers with supports and services that encourage choice, empowerment and community integration. Our programs include community-based, behavioral health, home health, rehabilitation and residential care services.

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