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Clinical Support Professional

Position Summary: Work with Clinical staff to implement strategies to meet individual’s goals, particularly related to transitions, life changes, behavioral issues, mental health symptoms, etc. The strategies this position will work on implementing with be contained in the individual’s ISP, Behavior/Mental Health Plan (BMH plans), or other treatment plan. Go to SCL and ES sites and train and model for staff how to implement strategies. Work with supervisors and direct care staff to ensure that strategies are being implemented accurately. Assist with reviews of ISP, Behavior/Mental Health Plan (BMH plans), or other treatment plan as necessary. Assist with tracking and reviewing data related to the strategies implemented.
Minimum Qualifications: 3 years of experience working with ID/MH population which includes the ability to implement behavior/mental health plans/strategies and techniques. Preference of BA/BS in human services or related field.
Other Qualifications: A valid driver's license and a driving record that is acceptable from a risk management perspective. The physical ability to engage in Safety Care physical management techniques may also be required for some assignments. The ability to communicate clearly in oral and written form is essential. Demonstrates basic computer skills.
Primary Responsibilities:
A. Service Provision
  1. Train staff to effectively implement strategies in the individual’s plans.

    1. Provide group and/or individual training for direct care staff on strategies in the plans.
    2. Go into ES and SCL sites and model how to implement strategies for staff.
    3. Build positive working relationships with coordinators, supervisors, direct care staff, etc.
    4. Oversee of the implementation of strategies as outlined in the individual’s plan.  
  2. Assist in developing tools necessary to implement strategies in plans as needed (e.g. writing social stories, creating picture schedules, etc).
  3. Complete necessary documentation of supports, strategies, consultation and training.
  4. Make recommendations for possible changes to the plans to the author of the plan.
  5. Facilitate communication with all members of an individual’s support team (parents/guardians, coordinators, supervisors, BMH plan authors/Clinical staff, therapists, etc).
  6. Collect and assist in analyzing data related to strategies implemented.

    1. Effectively assess client’s progress.
    2. Make recommendations to the plan author for adaptations to supports and services as necessary.
  7. Create and maintain an online library of resources on the SUI network.
  8. Oversight of skill development of clients (as outlined in the individual’s BMH plan.)

    1. Teaching skills to individuals 1 on 1 (e.g. utilizing various skill building activities).
    2. Teach supervisors and direct care staff to implement skill building activities with individuals served.
    3. Develop and lead skill building classes for groups of individual’s served.
  9. Maintain Safety Care certification.
  10. Teach classes as requested by supervisor.
  11. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.
B. Commitment to the Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  1. Establish positive internal/external working relationships.
  2. Share pertinent information with necessary parties in a timely manner. Uses respectful, open, and honest communication.
  3. Work to establish and maintain a positive culture that embraces the Core Values of the agency.
  4. Solicit feedback from stakeholders and use information to strive for improved services.
  5. Actively work to identify and remove barriers to services.
  6. Learn from mistakes, admits mistakes, and takes personal responsibility for decisions and actions of self and staff.
  7. Give constructive, timely feedback.
Position and Environmental Context
  1. The position entails a high degree of accountability and consequence of error. Errors in judgment can result in severe consequences to the agency.
  2. The position represents the organization in many different forums. Professionalism in dress and conduct as well as appropriate representation of the agency is expected.
  3. Many service requirements occur in individual homes. Therefore, the ability to travel extensively throughout the community is required.
  4. This position requires communication with a number of internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, professional and timely communication is considered a key component of this position.
  5. Adheres to office etiquette standards and expectations.
  6. This is a full time, salaried exempt position with evening and weekend hours.

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