Mental Health Technician, Mercy Family Counseling

Mercy Medical Center

This position supports Mercy’s philosophy of patient centered care by providing safe and effective patient care by performing tasks and support functions under the supervision of a Licensed or Certified Mental Health Professional.  The Mental Health Technician may fulfill an expanded role by performing additional tasks and responsibilities as delegated by their department.
Job Duties
  • Ensures that accurate and clinically relevant information is communicated with patients, their families, and co-workers at hand offs and other times as needed. Take all measures necessary to ensure that the appropriate and involved parties have communicated necessary information in order to allow for the best possible patient outcome.
  • Provides safe and effective patient care under the supervision of the psych tech, licensed nurse or licensed health professional by performing tasks and support functions as delegated by department.
  • Observes and communicates to the CNA and/or licensed nurse any changes in patient condition and pertinent information regarding the needs of the patient and/or significant others.
  • Demonstrates effective and age appropriate communication as well as the ability to understand the needs of the patient including non-verbal communication, fears, anxieties and language/cultural barriers.
  • Maintains accurate and real time documentation of patient care provided.
  • Assures patient privacy by knocking on doors, closing curtains and protecting patient information.
  • Responds within scope of practice to emergencies and life threatening conditions under the supervision of the CNA or licensed nurse.
  • Demonstrates support for changes in practice designed to improve performance.
  • Organizes and prioritizes daily work, taking into account the needs of patients, families and other health care workers.
  • Maintains cleanliness and organization of patient rooms and department work areas.
  • Assists in identifying quality improvement opportunities and demonstrate support for changes in practice designed to improve performance.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, identify needs for changes in priorities and takes the initiative to recommend and implement changes in concert with their supervisor.

Department Specific Duties
  • Accepts training and assignments across all Behavioral Health service line programs. 
  • Assigned tasks may include supervision of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) or other psychiatric treatments, supervision and activities in the day area of the Behavioral Health Unit rounding per policy on the Behavioral Health Unit, assistant with treatment groups at BHU, Sedlacek and Mercy Family Counseling.
  • Once trained, completed assigned paperwork such as Prior Authorizations. 
  • Assists recreational therapist as needed to ensure patient participation in unit activities. 
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Role Models exemplary customer service skills including verbal and non-verbal skills and proper phone etiquette.
  • Creates a welcoming environment for all healthcare team members.
  • Demonstrates the ability to provide safe and effective patient care.
  • Must have the ability to remain focused in stressful situations and perform multiple tasks quickly.
Professional Experience
  • Previous patient care experience preferred.
  • High School diploma or equivalent preferred.
Licensure, Certification, Registration
  • Will receive training for certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) in accordance with the American Heart Association if applicant isn't certified.
  • Current CNA certification, a Human Service degree, or 2 years college prep for 4 year degree in a mental health field required upon 2 years of employment at Mercy,
  • Iowa Dependent Adult Abuse Mandatory Reporter training required.  Employee must submit certification of completed training to Human Resources prior to start or transfer date.

Location: Mercy Medical Center - Cedar Rapids · Mercy Family Counseling
Schedule: Full Time, Variable/Rotating Shifts, Dependent on role and department needs

Job ID: 81496

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