Cardiac Echo Technician-Multi Modality, Cardiac Imaging

Mercy Medical Center

  • Summary
    • This position supports Mercy's philosophy of patient centered care by performing cardiac ultrasound and other non-invasive cardiac procedures of a professional level on all patient populations serviced by the Hospital.
  • Job Duties/Essential Functions
    • Job Duties
      • Performs complete study including M MODE, REAL TIME, COLOR FLOW MAPPING and DOPPLER.
      • Interprets all techniques giving internal dimensions, wall motion and flow pattern analysis
      • Participates in reading with physician and contributes professional knowledge to final diagnostic impression or report.
      • Maintains all records and quality reports to Intersocietal Commission of Accreditation for Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL) standards.
      • Provides high quality cardiac sonograms on a consistent basis according to department policies and procedures.
      • Demonstrates competency on all Echo equipment and workstations.
      • Performs proper computer skills to include all appropriate edits, status change and other processes necessary for test interpretation and patient changes.
      • Take all measures necessary to ensure that the appropriate and involved parties have communicated necessary information in order to allow for the best possible patient outcome.
      • Troubleshoots reporting issues on Phillips workstation as necessary.
      • Reviews each examination for technical accuracy, presenting complete information to appropriate health care provider and communicating pertinent data to persons responsible for the care of the patient after the procedure.
      • Assist physician in necessary procedures involving cardiac studies and ultrasound guidance.
      • Organizes ICAEL meetings and education as applicable.
      • Meets with medical director on regular basis as applicable.
      • Demonstrates competency and proficiency with cardiac stress testing, all forms of EKG's, holter monitoring, event monitoring as applicable.
      • Fulfills call expectations per departmental requests.

    • Department Specific Duties
      • N/A
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    • Demonstrated competency in the use of verbal and written medical terminology, echocardiography machine and associated modes, transducers, and computer.
  • Professional Experience
    • Ability to demonstrate competency in cardiovascular echocardiography preferred.
    • Must be able to recognize abnormal structure and be able to correlate this information into a useful study.
    • Must be able to deviate from normal techniques, when necessary; to develop new techniques.
    • Must be able to utilize ancillary devices, i.e., selected transducer
    • Must be adaptable to change and willing to share ideas for improvement.
  • Education
    • Prefer (2) two years allied health program or two (2) years of college with biological sciences.
  • Licensure, Certification, Registration
    • Current certification in Basic Life Support, (BLS) in accordance with the American Heart Association guidelines required.
    • Iowa Dependent Adult Abuse Mandatory Reporter training required.  Employee must submit certification of completed training prior to start or transfer date.
    • Candidate must have 1 and 2 OR 1 and 3:

          1. Cardiac Sonographer (candidate can have either a or b)

               a. ARDMS

                     i. RDCS = Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer

               b. CCI

                     i.  RCS = Registered Cardiac Sonographer

          2. Vascular (candidate can have either a or b)

               a. ARDMS

                    i. RVT = Registered Vascular Tech

               b. CCI

                    i. Registered Vascular Sonographer

          3. Pediatric

               a. ARDMS

                    i. PE = Pediatric Echocardiographer


Location: Mercy Medical Center - Cedar Rapids · Cardiac Imaging
Schedule: PRN, Day/Evening, As needed/As Available

Job ID: 80818

Posted 20 days ago

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