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CDD is dedicated to improving the health and independence of people with disabilities and creating a life with opportunities for everyone. As a multi-disciplinary center of excellence, The CDD integrates a broad array of clinical services in one location, including developmental and behavioral pediatrics, nursing, speech-language pathology, occupational and physical therapy, psychology, social work, education, and audiology, and thus provides an ideal environment for patient care, education and research.

Our clinical team works with patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, behavior disorders, cerebral palsy, cognitive disorders, Down syndrome, Fragile X and spina bifida.

Families who come to our clinic often have complex needs which is why CDD uses a team approach, bringing together the right experts to help families find answers. At the heart of each team are the patient and family.

Position Summary:
Performs psychological/neuropsychological assessment and treatment with infants, children and young adults in a tertiary-level, clinical outpatient setting. Diagnose and treat neurodevelopmental disabilities with other members of a multi-disciplinary, healthcare team.

Position Responsibilities:
  • Prepares for individual patient/family contact.
  • Performs psychological/neuropsychological assessment and/or treatment with children and/or young adults in a tertiary-level, clinical outpatient setting.
  • Diagnoses and treats/develops treatment plans for individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities with other members of an inter-disciplinary health-care team.
  • Completes patient report and billing documentation according to CDD and UI Healthcare guidelines and timelines.
  • Provides learning experiences and/or instruction to graduate and doctoral-level trainees, as assigned.

Position Required Qualifications: 
  • A Doctoral degree in Psychology.
  • Reasonable experience (1-3 years) in Clinical Child Psychology, including skill and experience in psychological/neuropsychological assessment and working with infants, preschool-aged children, young children and/or young adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities.
  • Reasonable experience (1-3 years) experience in Clinical Psychotherapy.
  • State of Iowa Psychology license at the time of hire unless there are specific circumstances that necessitate a grace period.
  • National Health Care Provider Certification, or certification within 12 months of hire.
  • Iowa Health Service Provider Certification, or certification within 12 months of hire.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Competency in computer software applications.

Highly Desirable Qualifications: 
  • Assessment and/or treatment of possible Autism Spectrum Disorder; Using such materials as the ADOS-2, ADI-R, and/or other tools.
  • Assessment and/or treatment neurodevelopmental disabilities for children between ages 0-5 years; Knowledge of using materials, such as the Bayley Scales of Infant Development or Mullen Scales of Learning.

Desirable Qualifications: 
  • Knowledge of community-based disability services.
  • Experience working in a healthcare environment and as a member of an interdisciplinary team.
  • Expertise in applied behavior analysis.
  • Experience working with electronic medical records.
  • Knowledge of University of Iowa policies and procedures.

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