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Float Nurse

Cedar Rapids, IA

Job Information:

Position Summary:
Float nurses will provide nursing care within their scope of practice.  Utilizing the nursing process to meet patient care needs.  Float nurses will provide nursing support to ambulatory patients throughout the office.  The float nurse will have a wide range of responsibility, including but not limited to, assessing patient vitals, acquiring patient history with accurate documentation, record concerns or symptoms and provide assistance with the patient’s questions and concerns as well as helping in education patients about their health needs.  Float nurses may assist as a primary nurse, procedure nurse, triage nurse or in other nursing roles after orientation and as her license allows.  Float nurses’ abilities is the need to be able to prioritize in their assistance of others, be knowledgeable and current in carrying out the specific responsibilities in all clinical nursing areas, and be able to build and maintain staff relationships.

  • Completion of an accredited nursing program

  • Possess a current Iowa RN or LPN license.  

Special Skills/Knowledge
  • Must possess a comprehensive knowledge of general nursing theory and practice and an expanded knowledge of current clinical and specialized patient care concepts
  • Knowledge base is continually enhanced and updated through self-directed study and participation in educational opportunities.

Mental and Cognitive Traits Required
  • Must be able to analyze written, spoken, visual and other sensory stimuli
  • Must be able to interpret scientific data in a logical and coherent manner
  • Must be able to logically solve problems
  • Must direct and manage others
  • Must be able to work well with others
  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks

Physical Demands
  • Sit, walk, stand: may spend up to 25% of working time standing/walking
  • Lift, carry, push, pull: at least 25 pounds of force is needed to lift, carry, push or pull objects
  • Bend, stoop, kneel: occasional bending and kneeling may be required in troubleshooting equipment/assisting patients
  • Manual dexterity/wrist and hand repetitions: good manual finger dexterity is needed.Up to 50% of working time may be spent on computer keyboard
  • Vision, hearing, speaking: must have good visual acuity and depth perception to operate the computer system: speaking and hearing are essential to the communication needs of the position

Environment Conditions
  • May be subject to noise and disagreeable odors
  • Universal precautions must be followed when working in any clinical area; workers are exposed to biologic and chemical hazards and must use appropriate personal protective equipment as trained
  • Work is performed in a well lighted, temperature controlled and humidity controlled environment

ESSENTIAL DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to the following:

Professional Practice
  • Facilitates the organization and coordination of the delivery of care across OB-GYN ASSOCIATES, P.C.
  • Acts as a resource and support person in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care and may fulfill clinical roles as necessary
  • Ensures the continuous assessment and improvement in the performance of care and services provided
  • Maintains current knowledge and trends and advances in nursing practice

  • Models behavior that invites colleague interaction and demonstrates mutuality
  • Communicates in a manner which is open, clear, respectful and consistent
  • Builds partnerships that support and promote care coordination and care management strategies
  • Facilitates and maintains cooperative working relationships with the administrative and medical staff
  • Utilizes formal performance appraisal system to provide feedback and to promote professional growth in staff
  • Supports organizational values (Do What’s Right, Do The Best You Can, Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated) by recognizing employees in written and verbal modes
  • Honors diversity and respects the varying skills/expertise of all

  • Ensures to comply with established policies regarding infection control and risk management
  • Ensures to maintain qualification and skill to deal with anticipated emergency situations
  • Assesses and manages ongoing risk and initiates corrective plans when required/applicable
  • Works closely with Manager of Risk Management, Compliance, QA and Patient Satisfaction to initiate/address potential risk situations
  • Ensures compliance with federal, state and local laws or regulations
  • Initiate and implement patient care in compliance with standards and policies set by the organization

  • Ensures availability and functioning of supplies and equipment for quality patient care
  • Studies the feasibility of alternate programs/services and formulates proposals to meet expected trends/developments
  • Develops action plans to guide and direct clinical changes

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Float Nurse

OB-GYN Associates, PC

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Posted 07/17/18

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